9 financial lessons to learn from the nine colours of Navratri

5 MinsSep 28, 2022

Navratri, the nine-day festival is celebrated in honour of Goddess Durga who incarnated various avatars while battling the demon Mahishasura. Each day of Navratri has its own significance and a colour code. This year, along with getting outfits in the nine colours of Navratri, why don’t you also take a look at nine financial lessons you can follow? Here’s a list of the nine colours and what you can learn from them:

Nine Colours Of Navratri

1. Yellow 
Yellow is the colour of brightness, action and vigour and it symbolises awakening. You ought to have an awareness of your income, expenses and savings. It makes sense to engage in prudent budgeting because it will result in a larger investible surplus that can be wisely deployed in various investment avenues (earning you decent returns) and your desired financial goals can be met. . The financial goals you set must be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic and Time-bound). 

2. Green
This colour symbolises the power of mind over matter and rising above ephemeral wants. To grow financially, a calm temperament, discipline and dedication are necessary. Chart out an effective strategy to match your risk profile, investment objective, the goal/s you are addressing, and the time on hand to achieve those envisioned goals and then accordingly make productive investments that may help your hard-earned money grow and perhaps beat inflation.

3. Grey 
This is a neutral colour -- neither black nor white. It signifies neutrality and balance. When you are evaluating the performance of your investment portfolio, an impartial or unbiased approach is necessary. You need not frequently change your portfolio based on the noise in the market or look at what your neighbour, friend, relative, colleague, etc. has done as long as you own appropriate investment avenues in your portfolio. If the performance of the portfolio is not on the expected lines, vigilance and course correction are necessary to limit losses and maximise wealth.

4. Orange 
This colour represents luminosity, positivity and energy. To come out of darkness and ignorance, gaining knowledge on how to manage your hard-earned money smartly, learning about the outlook for each asset class, asset allocation and promising investment avenues, etc. is vital. 

5. White 
White symbolises purity, brilliance and the union of wisdom and execution. Just like mixing the colour white with another colour creates another shade, your investment portfolio also needs a mix of all asset classes and investment avenues therein. Diversification adds colour to your portfolio and in turn, helps reduce the risk and improve risk-adjusted returns. Thus own a well-diversified and fairly sized portfolio rather than overtly skewing it to one particular asset class. That said, be mindful of the tax implications of every asset class and investment avenue therein.

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6. Red
The colour red represents action and vigour. At times, when the opportunity is right it is important to be fearless and invest in risky asset classes. For example, when the equity markets have corrected significantly since the peak, it would be wise to take a plunge and invest in ‘value-buys’ that may generate exponential profits for you in the long term. That being said, red also represents danger. Hence, if you see an abnormally high risk, then avoid investing. Also, if your portfolio is deep in red, you ought to review it by culling out the duds and replacing them with better and suitable avenues.

7. Royal Blue
The colour blue is usually looked up to as dependable. It signifies health and wealth. To make your portfolio look more dependable and robust, reach out to an investment expert who can help you build it. Furthermore, so that you don’t have to depend on savings and investments (assigned for vital financial goals) in the case of any exigency, have an emergency fund (also known as a rainy-day fund). This should ideally be 12 to 18 months of regular monthly expenses, including the EMIs on your loans. Moreover, have optimal life insurance and health insurance coverage, whereby it may offer financial security to your family in case of an untoward event.  

8. Pink 
The colour pink exudes hope, optimism and freshness of perspective. For a bright future, add a fresh and positive perspective to the way you manage your hard-earned money. If you have any vices, such as being a spendthrift and recklessly using credit cards to shop, then make a conscious decision to shop using a debit card instead or pay off your credit card outstanding by availing of a personal loan at a lower rate of interest. This will help you keep your financial health in the pink.

9. Purple 
This colour represents achievement, accomplishment and power. If you have taken measures to save and invest enough and rightly as per your financial plan, invest in suitable avenues, keep your debts to a minimum and hold insurance. 

On the tenth day of Navratri, which is Dussehra or Vijayadashami, Ravana’s effigy is burnt to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Take a lesson from Navratri and start planning for a prosperous financial future.

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