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Got a windfall? Invest it in a Fixed Deposit

4 MinsJuly 16, 2019

Financial planning is not restricted to just saving and investing for your long-term expenses. It also includes managing your funds in the short term. Sometimes, you get an unexpected windfall; maybe you received a bonus at work or a couple of your investments mature or you’ve sold some property. What should you do with it?

Here’s a look through the different times you could put your unexpected bonanza in a Fixed Deposit.

Fixed Deposit

  • Bonus — April to June is usually ‘bonus season’ for most salaried employees. You can invest this bonus money into a Fixed Deposit if there is no other immediate requirement or while you decide where to invest it. An Axis Bank Fixed Deposit is a good option, as it comes with competitive interest rates and flexibility of tenure.

  • Break from equity markets — You’ve made a nice tidy profit on your stock portfolio. You have exceeded your rate of return but you now feel the market is overheating and due for a correction and so you cash out. While you wait for the market to cool down before re-entering, an Axis Bank Fixed Deposit is a great place to park the money you made.

  • Real estate sale — Having sold off a property you owned, you are likely to be sitting on a huge amount of cash. Unless you invest in another property over the next couple of years you stand to face a huge capital gains tax bill. Buying property is a big investment. You have to be sure you are taking the right decision. Do not rush into buying a property because you are in a hurry to reinvest the proceeds of your sale. Wait, analyse, research and then buy. While you are researching your next property, an Axis Bank Fixed Deposit is the perfect place for you to invest the money from your sale.

  • Break between liquidation and spend — Let’s say you have just sold off a lot of your investments to meet a planned expense like a wedding or your child’s overseas education. There is always a window between selling your assets and spending that money. Remember, an Axis Bank Fixed Deposit can be opened up for a period as short as seven days. Never let your money sit idle. Every extra buck counts.

  • Deciding on your next investment — Your debentures, bonds, investment schemes or insurance policies have matured and the proceeds have been credited into your savings account. You may not have any immediate needs for the next few years. If that is the case, don’t rush into another investment, especially equities. Take stock of the market, decide on your financial needs for the next decade or two, and then invest your money. While you are taking the time to think, invest the matured amount in an Axis Bank Fixed Deposit.

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