Tips to Remember While Opting for Home Insurance

3 minsApril 08, 2016

A home is not just made up of brick and mortar, but also consists of your love, memories, and a number of prized possessions. While no one looks forward to a contingency, it is prudent to be prepared for one rather than regretting later, especially when it comes to protecting your home and family. Whether you are a homeowner or property tenant, availing of home insurance is always a smart idea.

Here are four essential and simple tips to remember while opting for home insurance:

  • Purchase structure/ building insurance, which covers your home from any kinds of dangers or risks arising out of damage owing to manmade reasons (such as riots and strikes) as well as natural calamities (including landslides and cyclones). These policies even compensate the policy owner such that they are able to reconstruct the property. Some polices have now started to offer coverage against damage due to terrorism as well.
  • Content insurance is critical to your coverage as it is not just the walls and ceiling that make up your home. This type of plan protects the contents inside your home, including furniture, jewellery, white goods etc. in case of damage or loss owing to fire, floods and other such mishaps.
  • Avail of a Standard Fire and Special Perils policy which covers damage or loss owing to aircraft damage, fire, lightning strikes, and natural calamities such as storms and cyclones, as well as earthquake cover.
  • Burglary and theft is also covered under certain plans. In the event of valuable contents being stolen or damaged due to a burglary, you would be compensated by the insurer. Items such as jewellery are covered under this policy, provided these had been kept in a locked vault or safe.

A home insurance is a must! You give up your life’s savings for a house, you would definitely want to insure it.

Delnaz Natliwala, 39, Store Owner, Axis Bank Customer

When choosing home insurance, make sure you opt for a comprehensive coverage that is best suited to your needs. Simple research into the various options available can help you zero in on the perfect fit for you. Remember, in case of any eventuality, when you are adequately insured it becomes that much easier to get back on your feet again. While you may not be compensated emotionally, you can at least tide over the immediate monetary crisis that is the direct fallout of such occurrences.