Applying for a student visa to the USA?

6 MinsFeb 16, 2022

After completing his engineering, 21-year-old Vikas Kothari applied to a few universities in the US for his MS. He was overjoyed after he was accepted by a university that was among his top choices. He also applied for an Education Loan from Axis Bank to fund his course. His loan application was approved without any hitches since the application form and documentation were correct and the university he was applying to was a renowned one. Having completed two stages in his journey—securing the admission and the loan—Vikas was inching towards his dream of studying in America.

free student visa application journey

That is when he realised that he still had a lot to do for a hassle-free journey to America. He had to ensure his documents were in order before he could travel. One of the most important things he had to get sorted before his journey was a student visa. This is an F (academic) or M (vocational) visa. Since Vikas is pursuing his MS, he will have to apply for an F visa.

Without this visa, Vikas will not be able to enter America. He also needs to begin the application process for the visa several months before his course begins. So, as his preparation for leaving began, Vikas’s first step was to apply for a student visa.

1. Ensure that he has applied to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). According to the official website, the SEVP "…is a part of the National Security Investigations Division and acts as a bridge for government organisations that have an interest in information on non-immigrants whose primary reason for coming to the United States is to be students."

2. Go through the proper channels to ensure that you apply for the correct kind of student visa. The application process for a visa can be confusing. Therefore, it is vital that Vikas conducts proper research and reads about all the types of visas available, or even consults an academic counsellor to help him complete the process.

3. Pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee. This fee must be paid before the visa application is submitted. A form will have to be filed to complete the payment via the SEVP website.

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4. Complete the application process for the student visa. Vikas must now complete the online application form for the student visa. All crucial details and documents will have to be filled in the form. Vikas must ensure he has all the necessary information at hand to complete the application process efficiently. After the form has been filled out, he will have to take a printout of the confirmation page, which will be required during the interview.

5. To complete the application process, Vikas must remember to pay the application fee. This can be done via an approved bank online. He must ensure that the payment method he opts for is approved before making the payment.

6. Ensure that his finances for his education are in order. If he has to take an education loan, he must ensure that he has completed the process well in advance. In his case, this is in place thanks to his Axis Bank Education Loan.

7. Schedule an interview for the student visa. This is the last stage of the whole application process for a student visa. Vikas will have to schedule an interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate. He must then attend the interview with all the necessary documents for verification during the interview.

8. Vikas will have to provide essential documents and information throughout the application process. It is, therefore, crucial to have all these documents ready. The important documents include:

  • A valid passport
  • SEVIS form and fee receipt
  • Application confirmation page
  • A printed copy of the visa interview appointment letter
  • Passport photos of the mentioned size
  • Proof of admission from the university he is applying to
  • Transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions attended
  • Scores from standardised tests as required by the educational institution
  • Financial evidence (including loans)

Once the visa application process is completed and Vikas gets his student visa, he can begin his US journey and complete his education. His choice of Axis Bank for the education loan ensured that he had the necessary funds well in time and without any hurdles. Know more details about Axis Bank’s Education Loan interest rates and education loan eligibility.

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