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Update your Information

Link your Aadhaar Card

The Government of India mandates linking Aadhaar to your bank account

The Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Act, 2005 (“PML Act 2005”) has been amended [as per Government of India Gazette No. 13012/79/2017/Legal-UIDAI (No. 4 of 2017)], with effect from June 1, 2017 to require Aadhaar for every bank account. All existing Bank accounts need to be linked with the respective Aadhaar number by 31st March, 2018, failing which the accounts will be blocked for use. The customer, who has not been assigned Aadhaar number as yet, needs to submit the proof of application towards enrollment for Aadhaar to the Bank.

Please Note: This mandate is NOT applicable to customers holding NRI accounts, small savings accounts or residing in Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir.

What is Aadhaar ?
Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued to all Indian residents. Axis Bank has launched the facility for linking Aadhaar number with customers’ bank accounts.

How to update/link Aadhaar in Bank records?
Before you initiate Aadhaar linking request, please ensure that your details like name, date of birth, gender in Bank records match with the details in Aadhaar.

Axis Mobile allows you to correct or update details like name or date of birth using Insta Services. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Axis Bank Branch for correction of any details.

Aadhaar linking request can be initiated from any of the following channels:

  • Mobile Banking
    • Download the Axis Mobile app
    • Log in to Axis Mobile >> Select Insta Services >>Select Update Aadhaar
    • This channel allows instant Aadhaar updation in Bank records.
  • Internet Banking
    • Log in to Axis Internet banking >> Services>> Insta Services>> Update Aadhaar
  • Phone Banking
    • If dialing from registered mobile number
      • Contact Axis Phone Banking at 18604195555 or 18605005555
      • Dial 2 for savings account >> Press 1 for Aadhaar updation
      • Dial 3 for credit card >> Press 1 for Aadhaar updation

    • If dialing from non-registered mobile number
      • Contact Axis Phone Banking at 18604195555 or 18605005555
      • Select your desired Language
      • Dial 2 for savings account >> Press 1 for Aadhaar updation
      • Dial 3 for credit card >> Press 1 for Aadhaar updation

  • ATM
    • Visit nearest Axis Bank ATM to link Aadhaar to your bank account.
    • Steps to follow:
      • Insert Debit card
      • Select “Link Aadhaar No.” from main menu screen
      • Enter PIN >> Enter Aadhaar No. >> Re-enter Aadhaar No. >> Confirm
  • Website
  • Branch
    • Aadhaar Linking - Fill up the Customer Request Form to link your Axis Bank accounts with your Aadhaar, carry original Aadhaar Card & a copy.Click here to download a copy of the CRF
    • Aadhaar linking for Govt benefits - Fill up the Resident Consent Form to link your Axis Bank account with your Aadhaar number for Govt. benefits, carry original Aadhaar Card & a copy. Click here to download a copy of the RCF.

How to check the status of Aadhaar linking request?

  • The status of the request is sent via SMS to your registered mobile number once it is processed.
  • Contact Axis Phone Banking Center or visit branch to know the status of your request.
  • The status of successfully updated Aadhaar can also be checked via Axis Mobile/Internet Banking:

Select Insta Services >> Update Aadhaar

If your Aadhaar is successfully linked, same will reflect in the above mentioned option

My Aadhaar number is already linked with some other bank account, do I still have to link Aadhaar with my Axis Bank account?

  • Yes, as per the new amendment in PMLA rules by the Govt., all accounts should be linked with Aadhaar by March 31, 2018; failing which the accounts will become inoperative till the time the Aadhaar number is submitted in the said accounts. You need to update your Aadhaar number in all your Bank accounts.
  • In case a family member is a joint holder in your account, they will also need to update their Aadhaar number in the said account.

Is Aadhaar updation mandatory for Non-resident accounts?

  • If a customer is a non-resident Indian citizen Aadhaar updation is not mandatory.

What is "Aadhaar linking for Govt benefits"?

Customers can link any one particular bank account with their Aadhaar number for the following benefits:

  • Have a single financial address for government subsidies
  • Receive direct credit of LPG subsidy from Government into your account
  • Receive direct credit of other government subsidies like welfare funds, pensions, scholarships, MNREGA wages etc. into your account

Customers' Aadhaar and specified bank account will be mapped at NPCI to enable receipt of Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) from Government of India.

How long does it take to link Aadhaar in NPCI to receive direct government benefits?
This process takes around 4 to 5 working days after submission of request.

What is the last date of updating the Aadhaar number with Axis Bank Accounts?
31st  March 2018

What is the turn around time to link/update Aadhaar in Axis bank account?
• Via Axis Mobile App: 1 working day
• Via Internet Banking: 1 working day
• Via Phone Banking: 1 working day
• Via Branch : 1 working day
• Via ATM: 3 to 4 working days

Update your Pan Card

It is important for you to have your correct PAN number updated with us so we can ensure that your TDS are processed correctly.
To help us serve you better, please update your PAN through one of the following means:

  • Call Toll Free number 1860-419-5555, 1860-500-5555.
  • Login to Internet Banking. Go to My Profile section > update contact details.
  • Login to the Axis Mobile app. Go to Insta Services> Update PAN and upload relevant documents
  • Visit a branch to update your PAN details.
Update Your Contact Details

Have you updated your contact details yet?
It is of utmost importance, both to you, as well as us, that you constantly update your contact details. This includes your Permanent address, Communication Address and Email ID. You can update these through the following means

  • Login to Internet Banking. Go to My Profile section > update contact details.
  • Login to the Axis Mobile app. Go to Insta Services> Update PAN and upload relevant documents
  • Visit a branch to update contact details

Account Safety and Security

At Axis Bank, we have a number of ways to monitor your bank account to ensure the safety of your money. However, there are some steps that you may wish to take, should you desire to do the same:

Register for SMS Alerts
  • When you ‘Register for SMS Alerts’, a message is sent to the registered mobile number whenever you conduct a transaction. This way you are always aware of the activity in your account.
  • To register, visit your nearest Axis Bank ATM. Insert card and enter PIN. Select ‘SMS Banking Registration/Update’ menu. Enter your mobile number and verify. You can also visit your nearest AXIS Bank branch to carry out the procedure.

To locate your nearest ATM/branch click here

Register for e-statements

When you register for e-statements, we will stop sending you quarterly statements and send you monthly e-statements instead. This increased frequency enables you to track your account better. click here to register now.

How to Bank Online, safely

Axis Bank takes the utmost precautions to ensure that your online banking and shopping transactions are safe. This is done through various means like 2-factor authentication, Verified by VSIA/MasterCard Secure Code, encryption etc. However, you may want to a take few sensible precautions while transacting online. Click here to know more

How to use your card safely

You can use your debit card for a number of transactions at ATMs, Merchant Outlets and for online transactions. Click here to know what precautions to take while using your card.
At Axis Bank, we will never ask for your personal details through an email. Nor will we ask for your password through any means, phone, fax or in-person. If any of our bank personnel asks you for your password, do not disclose it and report him or her immediately to us. Please write to

Bank Account Portability

Axis Bank’s Savings accounts are completely transferable. With over 1750 branches, even if you change your home, or re-locate to another city Axis Bank ensures that all your account details remain the same, wherever you go!

Benefits of shifting you account

Family Banking

With Axis Bank Family Banking program, you can now collectively fulfil the banking needs of everyone in your family. Under this program, you can open individual savings accounts for each of your family members and link them together as a family

If any of your family members already have Axis Bank accounts, you can simply link them under your Family ID and open new accounts for the rest. With this program you & your family can avail special privileges like:

Choice of Family type

Every family is unique. Choose and pick the family type that suits your family needs the best:

  • Prime family
  • Prime Plus family
  • Priority Family
  • Burgundy family

The Family type will be decided based on the type of account held by the Primary Account Holder.

Specialised accounts for everyone

Besides choosing your Family type, you also have the freedom to choose a specialized Savings Account for each of your family members – Women's account for women, Senior Privilege account for senior citizens etc.

Reduced common balance requirements

By subscribing to this program, you only need to maintain a Family account balance rather than individual account balances. The Family account balance is based on your family type & location, and can be referenced from the table below:

Family Type Region Balance requirement across all family accounts
Prime Metro/Urban

Monthly Balance of Rs. 25,000


Monthly Balance of Rs. 10,000


Half Yearly Average Balance of Rs 10,000

Prime Plus All Monthly Balance of Rs. 1 Lakh (OR) a Total Relationship Value of Rs.5 Lakhs across Savings account and Fixed Deposits*
Priority All Average Quarterly Balance of Rs 2 Lakhs in Savings Account (Metro, Urban, Semi Urban & Rural) OR Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 5 lakhs across Savings and Current Account OR TRV of Rs. 15 lakhs across Savings, Current Accounts ,Fixed Deposits and Mutual Fund Investments OR TRV of Rs. 50 lakhs across Savings, Current Accounts ,Fixed Deposits, Mutual Fund Investments and Demat Account Holding value
Burgundy All Average Quarterly Balance of Rs.10 lakhs in the Savings Account, OR Average Quarterly Balance of Rs.10 lakhs across Savings Accounts and Current Accounts, OR Total Relationship Value (TRV) of Rs.30 lakhs, OR Total Relationship Value (TRV) of Rs.1 crore which includes Demat holding

* Only Fixed Deposits with a minimum tenure of 6 months will be considered

Note: In case the Primary member is a Prime Salary, Priority Salary or Burgundy Salary account holder, zero balance facility will be extended to all 3 add-on family accounts.

Zero balance facility for the 3 add-on family accounts will not be applicable, if the primary member ceases to be a salary account holder

eDGE Loyalty Rewards

Earn additional eDGE Loyalty Reward points on special occasions and balance maintenance / transactions. Redeem eDGE points: From over 500 fabulous rewards; for flight or hotel bookings; for mobile or DTH recharge; at online and In-store partners.

Reward points on Occasions

Accelerated earns on Savings Account – Points credited to individual family member or initiator
  25K – 1L Family Balance Tier 1L – 5L Family Balance Tier > 5L Family Balance Tier
Addition of Family Member* 100 points 200 points 300 points
Account Deposits amounting to >= Rs. 50,000 25 points 50 points 75 points
ECS Transaction 5 points 10 points 15 points
SI Transaction 5 points 10 points 15 points
Open Recurring Deposit >= 2000 100 points 200 points 300 points
Open Axis Direct Account 400 points 800 points 1200 points
Inter family fund transfer 25 points 50 points 75 points
Earns on Family Celebrations – Points credited to primary family member
  25K – 1L Family Balance Tier 1L – 5L Family Balance Tier > 5L Family Balance Tier
Take any one Family Menu Action in your Birthday Month* 50 points 100 points 150 points
Take any one Family Menu Action in the Festival Month – December* 50 points 100 points 150 points

* Points to be given to Primary Member.
Points for other transactions mentioned above to be given to the family member who initiates the action.

Pricing Benefits

Get an additional discount of 10% on Lockers & Demat Accounts by subscribing to this program

Shared Relationship Manager

If your Family type is Priority or Burgundy, the benefits and privileges offered by your Relationship Manager will be extended to all your family members.

Family Name

Create a legacy for your family with the bank. Choose a Family Name and we shall carry it in all your communications with you

Download Form

You can download the form here


What is average balance?

Average Balance refers to the average amount to be maintained in your account, over a certain period. Depending on the scheme and branch category (Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban/Rural), there are 3 types of Balances, Average monthly balance(AMB), Average quarterly balance (AQB) and half-yearly average balance.

How do I change my Savings account type?

Visit any Axis Bank branch and fill in Product Change form and corresponding Debit Card request form as well. This would then be processed by the bank and intimation will be sent confirming the change.

How can I know more about the fees and charges levied on my Savings Account?

You can check the complete list of fees and charges as per your Savings account type on the website, just click here. You can call up on the call center on 1860-419-5577 / 1860 500 5555 and speak to one of our phone banking representatives

How can I track transactions in my account?

Account transactions can be tracked by opting for monthly e-statements or passbook* * Physical Statement option are available for Premium Savings Account Holders

How do I know if I have maintained the average balance required in my Savings account for the month?

This facility is available for existing customers who are registered on Internet Banking. The path to follow is:
Log in with your details > My Accounts > Projected Average Balance
Here, you can see the projected balance basis the monthly trend.
You can also call up on our phone banking number 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 to know your projected balance for the month.
Alternatively to know your Projected Average Balance you can send an SMS to 5676782 or 9717000002:
PAMB < last 6 digits of AC no. > - For Monthly balance
PAQB < last 6 digits of AC no. > - For Quarterly balance
PHAB < last 6 digits of AC no. > - For Half Yearly balance

Doorstep Banking

Over the years, it has been a constant endeavor by Axis Bank to empower customers with self service channels.While the bank has one of the highest networks of ATMs , a best in class mobile banking application and a secure and robust internet banking, we also realize in certain cases of emergency or otherwise you might need services at your Doorstep.

Axis Bank thus offers you the facility of Doorstep Banking. Call any of our 3 Toll Free Phone Banking Numbers to speak to a Phone Banking Officer and request for any of the following services

  • Pick up of Cash
  • Pick up of Instruments
  • Delivery of Cash/ Demand Drafts

Follow the simple procedure as guided by the Phone Banking officer and avail services at your Doorstep. At Axis Bank we endeavor to make banking simple, safe and secure and the new Doorstep Banking strives for that.

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