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Samsung Pay

Introducing Samsung Pay on Axis Bank Cards


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Features and Benefits

Samsung Pay is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service which can be used to make purchases nearly everywhere. It enables the use of credit and debit cards, including private label credit cards by leveraging a new proprietary technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to make mobile payments more accessible to both merchants and consumers.

Samsung Pay enables users to make in-store contactless payments using Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy A7 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017), A5 (2016), A7 (2016), Galaxy A9 Pro and Galaxy J7 Pro.Samsung Pay’s main features are its proprietary MST technology and its NFC payments capability which makes it the most accepted mobile payment solution.

Samsung Pay offers a simple and convenient payment experience that is quicker than searching through your wallet or purse. Additionally, Samsung Pay adds a level of security to your payment information that physical cards don’t have.

Samsung Pay uses proprietary Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to make contactless mobile payments. MST and NFC enables the Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy A7 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017), A5 (2016), A7 (2016), Galaxy A9 Pro and Galaxy J7 Pro to make secure transactions with nearly every payment terminal in the world.

Cards can be either automatically registered by scanning your card with Samsung Pay or manually inputting the card information. Then Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through an OTP followed by which your Card is activated.

For activation of the Card while registering it the OTP can be generated through an SMS or Phone Banking.

This OTP is valid for 30 minutes and in case a new OTP is needed the registration can be re done and same process has to be carried out.

You can register up to 10 payment cards in Samsung Pay. (Credit Cards, Debit Cards).

Yes. The total number of devices you can register a card to may vary. 

No, there is no issue. The card displayed in Samsung Pay may differ slightly with the physical card. The key points to look for are The Card Issuer (e.g. Axis in this case), The Card Network (Visa, Master Card etc.) and the last four digits of the physical card.

Not all card types are eligible to use with Samsung Pay. If your card is not International Chip and PIN enabled it will not work with Samsung Pay. Along with that, Prepaid and Corporate Cards will not work on Samsung Pay. Additionally, there may be other items required prior registering a card with the Samsung Pay service. Also you need to first do a transaction and only then can you attempt to register the Card on Samsung Pay.

The average amount of time between the request for activation and approval will be within minutes, but can take up to 10 minutes after any additional verification requirements have been met. If this amount of time has been exceeded, remove the card from Samsung Pay and register it again.

 Yes. However, for the best experience, the device should have a SIM card installed. If you encounter any issues when registering the card over Wi-Fi, we suggest switching to a cellular data connection.

 Yes, any UPI enabled bank account can be added into Samsung Pay. Please ensure that that mobile number on which Samsung Pay is available should also be registered with your bank.

Select the option ‘UPI’ from the main screen of Samsung Pay or click on ‘Add’ option available on the top right corner. Create your "Payment Address" and link your bank account to send or receive money.

Through the UPI option , you can Scan QR code, Send Money, Request Money or check your account balance .

To Send money, Tap on ‘Send’ to open Send Money screen. Enter Payment Address or a combination of Account Number and IFSC code of the beneficiary. Enter the Amount to be transferred followed by the Account PIN / UPI PIN of your linked account.

To receive money, Tap on ‘receive’ to open receive Money screen. Enter Payment Address of the contact from whom you want to receive money from, followed by the Amount and the date of expiry. The receiver of the request will get a notification on his/her UPI enabled app.

To view your past transactions, simply Tap on ‘Bank Card’ on main screen. Scroll down to 'Transactions' section to see transactions made using Samsung Pay.

You can transfer upto Rs 1 Lakh using UPI option on Samsung Pay.

If you change your SIM card , you will be required to re-register and add your accounts once again.

If you forget your UPI PIN, or your UPI PIN is not set, you can generate your UPI PIN through Samsung pay. You will need last 6 digits of the debit card and expiry date.

Yes, after you receive a notification on Samsung Pay, you can click on the notification. You will get an option to decline or accept the request on the screen.

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