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Max Life Insurance solutions,
for every life stage.

Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance offers a wide range of products that are suitable for all your changing needs. Explore our plans and choose a plan that is most suitable to your life stage!

  • Max Life POS Guaranteed Benefit Plan

    (UIN: 104N097V02)

    An easy & simple, that's hassle free to buy and provides guaranteed benefits to ensure a financially secure future for your family.

  • Max Life Assured Wealth Plan

    (UIN: 104N096V03)

    A Life Insurance Plan that provides the Benefit of Assured Returns, Guaranteed Savings and Security of money.

  • Max Life Platinum Wealth Plan

    (UIN: 104L090V03)

    Presenting, the Max Life Platinum Wealth Plan that adds to your fortune and secures your family's future

  • Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan

    (UIN: 104N085V03)

    An Income Plan That Ensures 100% guaranteed survival or death benefits

  • Max Life Monthly Income Advantage Plan


    A Plan that gives a guaranteed monthly income for 10 Years to fulfill the planned milestones even in case of any eventuality

  • Max Whole Life Super


    A Plan that ensures cover till the age of 100 years and a legacy for the next generation

  • Max Life Fast Track Super Plan

    (UIN: 104L082V03)

    A plan which helps you achieve your goals by providing you with multiple investment options

  • Max Life Future Genius Education Plan

    (UIN: 104N094V02)

    A plan that helps you secure your child's future, despite the rising education cost. Even when you are not there.

  • Max Life Shiksha Plus Super Plan

    (UIN: 104L084V03)

    A comprehensive solution for a secure & bright future of your child

  • Max Life Cancer Insurance plan

    (UIN: 104N093V02)

    A comprehensive insurance plan that gives you an honest chance to fight cancer

  • Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan

    (UIN: 104L075V02)

    Presenting a retirement plan that guarantees lifetime income for you and your partner

  • Max Life Savings Advantage Plan

    (UIN: 104N111V01)

    Presenting, Max Life Savings Plan that helps accelerate the growth in your systematic savings and helps you build a corpus to address all your life stage needs

  • Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

    (UIN: 104N092V03)

    A term plan that ensures a financially secure future for your family, by providing a payout to the beneficiary in case of your unfortunate demise during the Policy Term

  • Max Life Super Term Plan

    (UIN: 104N086V03)

    Cover your family's needs with a Term Plan that gives you an increasing Sum Assured option to cope with the rising inflation

  • Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan

    (UIN: 104N076V06)

    A plan that guarantees lifetime income for your retirement years

  • Max Life Perfect Partner Super

    (UIN: 104N077V02)

    A plan that guarantess 212.5% of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured

  • Max Life Online Savings Plan

    (UIN : 104L098V02)

    A personalized plan designed for you to grow your savings & also protect your family's financial future,even in your absence.

  • Max Life Smart Term Plan

    (UIN: 104N113V01)

    A comprehensive and intelligent plan that fits and protects all your evolving needs because for us, you are the difference.