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Launching 24x7 Home Loan Top-up just for you!

24x7 Home Loan Top Up

Having taken up a loan, you sometimes require another helping hand to fulfil your plans for a need that has cropped up now.

Additionally, due to factors such as inflation it may be difficult to predict the exact amount for owning your dream abode home or, you may just have to take care of home renovation amidst your loan repayment The thought of paying for these through your savings, may burn an immediate hole in your pocket, however that no longer need be the case. To help address such needs suitably Axis Bank offers the 24x7 Home Loan Top up.

For existing Home Loan customers, this Axis Bank product lets you borrow a certain amount over and above your existing home loan instantly and digitally, with minimal inputs and saves you from the hassle of paperwork.

Here’s an example to help you better understand the working:

Assuming you are an existing customer of Axis Bank with an existing Home Loan of Rs.50,00,000 at an interest rate of 6.9% for a tenure of 30 years. After 20 years, the outstanding amount to be paid off is Rs. 28,48,771. Now, if you are considering a home renovation or need funds to meet a sudden business requirement you could consider a top-up (loan) to work out these needs. 24x7 Home Loan Top up will guarantee an instant credit of funds*,in addition to benefits such as a waiver on pre-payment charges.

Features and Benefits

Ease of Repayment:
24x7 Home Loan Top up levies no charge on loan repayment earlier than the set tenure or making larger part-payments than the structured EMI*

Funds anytime, anywhere:
In line with the other 24x7 Loans offerings, the Home Loan Top Up disbursal amount is credited to your bank account instantly.

Paperless application:
24x7 Loan application is a matter of just a few clicks, helping you avoid the hassle of branch visits and an elaborate paperwork.

Attractive interest rates:
Get preferred interest rates on your instant top-up loan to address your need.

Flexible tenure:
Yes, you got that right. You’re your own master and have the right to spread your loan repayment according to your liquidity within your Home Loan repayment tenure of 15 years***

* Nil charges only for floating rate of interest. ** The instant credit of funds is post submission of the online application form. *** Maximum Tenure of 15 years or Residual Parent Loan tenure, whichever is lower.


24x7 Home Loan Top Up is the pre-approved loan offered on the basis of existing Home Loan with us. After completion of the digital journey, the loan amount is credited instantly in your account for your personal or business use. 24x7 Home Loan Top Up will be in parallel with the existing Home Loan.
  • Select the Purpose of Loan
  • View / Modify your Loan Offer
  • Set e-NACH mandate
  • Get Co-Applicant Consent
No, you will be eligible only for the maximum loan amount displayed on the loan offer screen. You can however reduce the loan amount.
Original property documents will be released only after you close both 24x7 Home Loan Top Up as well as the existing Home Loan in the system.
No, additional collateral is not required. The collateral of the parent loan will be linked to the 24x7 Home Loan Top Up.
You will need to fill in assisting channel and employee details by clicking on the Human icon on the top right corner of the journey screen and selecting ‘Assisted By’ option in the drop down menu.
24x7 Home Loan Top Up is a paperless process, hence, no documentation is required.
The loan amount will get credited in the same account where your existing loan was disbursed and the EMI will also be deducted from the same account.
The loan amount will get disbursed in the same account where your existing loan was disbursed. You will not be able to change this bank account number.
Your EMI will be deducted from the same bank account from where the EMI of your existing Home Loan is being deducted from.
You will be able to view the Loan Account Number of the existing Home Loan on the journey.
No, you will have to start the journey from the beginning, every time you log out.
No, the Co-Applicant will remain same as in your existing Home Loan.
The Co-Applicant will have to give his/her consent within 24 hours to avoid restart of the loan application.
Processing fees are the charges taken for processing the loan application.
You can log in and retry after sometime. If the issue persists, please visit the nearest branch.
Yes, you can repay your 24x7 Home Loan Top Up ahead of schedule by making a lump sum payment towards part or full prepayment.
24x7 Home Loan Top Up provides you a digital, hassle-free, paperless experience. The loan amount is instantly credited to your account.
You will receive an SMS and email after the 24x7 Home Loan Top Up is disbursed.