24x7 Car Loans

Buying one’s own car is an aspiration for many. You may be looking for an entry-level hatchback for a comfortable commute to your workplace or you may want to upgrade your hatchback to a bigger luxury sedan. Whatever be your need, get your dream set of wheels with 24x7 Car Loans by Axis Bank - a quick and effortless experience - via Axis Mobile and Axis Internet Banking. Choose your car model, variant, price and the dealer you want to buy the car from, with just a few clicks and get your loan sanctioned seamlessly in an instant manner.

24x7 Car Loan Top Up

If you have an existing car loan with Axis Bank, you may have a pre-qualified offer for 24x7 Car Loan Top Up, which can be availed without visiting the bank branch. Use it to furbish your vehicle and transform it into your dream car or for any other requirement that you may have. To check your pre-qualified offer, log in to Axis Mobile or Axis Internet Banking.

Features and Benefits

Paperless sanction

For a pre-qualified customer, the process is largely online, right from selecting the car to applying for the loan and receiving the sanction letter

Anytime anywhere

Apply for the loan from the comfort of your home or office using Axis Mobile or Axis Internet Banking

Minimal documentation

Pre-qualified customers need not fill multiple forms since a major part of the process is digital


24x7 Car Loans is a digitally processed pre-qualified loan offer providing instant sanction to select Axis Bank customers that can be availed anytime through Axis Mobile or Internet Banking.