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Are you planning to buy a home in the metropolis of the south – Chennai?
Secure a home loan from Axis Bank.

Home Loan in Chennai

Chennai invites you with its rich culture and thriving economy, making it an ideal city for you to purchase your dream home in.

Chennai – The Detroit of India

Chennai stands out for its blend of spiritual heritage and economic vigor. Home to temples, it also houses bustling IT parks and industries from automobiles to software services. This draws people from all over to Chennai, known for its welcoming beaches, good living standards, and efficient city planning. Tamil Nadu's capital is a city where community, tradition, and innovation converge, offering a vibrant yet comfortable life for its residents.

Features and benefits of buying a home in Chennai with Axis Bank Home Loans

The journey to homeownership can be challenging amid Chennai's escalating property market. Yet, Axis Bank brings your ideal home within grasp, offering a suite of Home Loan options designed for the city's evolving real estate landscape.

Key highlights of Axis Bank's Home Loan in Chennai:

  • Competitive interest rates: Choose Axis Bank for favourable Housing Loan interest rates in Chennai, ensuring a smooth repayment experience.
  • Budget-friendly EMIs: Extend your loan tenure for reduced monthly payments to comfortably fit your financial plan.
  • Streamlined application: Benefit from a straightforward application process with rapid turnaround times.
  • Rate flexibility: Tailor your loan with options for either fixed or floating interest rates to suit your economic outlook.
  • Loan Offering: Secure a minimum loan of ₹3 lakh up to a maximum of ₹5 crore.
  • Zero prepayment fees: Enjoy the flexibility of prepayment without additional charges on floating rate loans.
  • Hassle-free loan transfer: Effortlessly move your existing Home Loan to Axis Bank.
  • Accessible loan services: Engage with Axis Bank's Home Loan facilities in Chennai through multiple channels, including in-person at our branches, online, or via phone banking.

Eligibility criteria to avail Axis Bank Home Loan in Chennai

To ascertain eligibility for an Axis Bank Home Loan in Chennai, consider these points:

  • Eligibility depends on loan acquisition feasibility and amount qualification
  • Key factors include financial institutions' criteria in Chennai
  • Boost your Home Loan eligibility by:

  • Applying with a co-borrower
  • Selecting an extended loan term
  • Settling existing debts
  • Elevating your credit score
  • Disclosing all extra income sources

Documents required to get Axis Bank Home Loan in Chennai

Initiate your Axis Bank Home Loan process in Chennai with a swift approval timeline of just 5 business days by providing:

  • The loan application form is accompanied by your identity verification documents such as PAN card, passport, Aadhaar card, or driver's license.
  • A document confirming your Chennai residence, options include Aadhaar card, driver's license, or electricity bill.
  • Proof of income, which is distinct for employed and entrepreneurial individuals.
  • Documentation related to the property, mandated by the bank pre-disbursement.
  • Refer here for a comprehensive list of required documents.

Home Loan Interest Rate in Chennai

Embark on the journey to own your dream home in Chennai by exploring the Home Loan interest rates in Chennai from Axis Bank. Stay updated with the latest rates to ensure your decisions regarding home financing are well-informed and strategic, paving the way for a smooth home-buying experience.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Navigate Chennai's property market with ease by utilizing the Home Loan EMI Calculator offered by Axis Bank.
This essential financial planning tool delivers precise estimates for your EMI, crucial in the context of Chennai's substantial property prices. Stay ahead with detailed insights into your potential repayments, empowering you to make decisions about your Home Loan. This approach ensures you're well-prepared to manage your finances effectively in Chennai's real estate environment.

How to avail Axis Bank Home Loan in Chennai?

Embark on the pathway to owning your perfect residence in Chennai with Axis Bank's Home Loan. Experience unmatched service and guidance, facilitated by our technology. Start your Home Loan journey with us now:

  • Online application: Begin your application with a convenient click
  • Branch support: For bespoke assistance, visit your closest branch.
  • Call for information: Reach out at 1-860-419-5555, 1-860-500-5555, or 1800-103-5577.
  • SMS for Home Loan: Send 'home' to 5676782 and expedite your home loan application.


The lowest possible interest rate for a Home Loan in Chennai with Axis Bank starts from 8.75% p.a. for salaried individuals and 9.1% for self-employed with a good credit score​​.

While the maximum Housing Loan amount in Chennai that one can avail from Axis Bank is up to ₹5 crore, depending on several eligibility criteria including income, employment type, and property value​.

The sanctionable loan amount is usually linked to the borrower's monthly income, with the expectation that the EMI does not surpass 50% to 60% of the monthly take-home pay. For a precise assessment of your Home Loan eligibility, you are encouraged to make use of the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator provided by Axis Bank, which takes into account income levels, existing financial obligations, and other relevant factors.

The documents required for getting a Home Loan in Chennai with Axis Bank include a duly filled application form, PAN card, proof of identity and address, proof of income, and property documents before loan disbursement​​.

Eligibility for a Home Loan in Chennai with Axis Bank involves being over 21 years of age at the loan's commencement and under 60 years (salaried) or 65 years (self-employed) at maturity. Employment stability and creditworthiness are also key factors​​​.

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