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Nothing beats owning a home in 'Queen of Deccan'. Axis Bank Home Loans make it possible.

Home Loan in Pune

Find your new home with Axis Bank Home Loans in Pune, where rich history and a buzzing modern life come together just for you.

Pune – Oxford of the East

Pune, known as the Oxford of the East and Queen of Deccan, is a hub where history and progress dance together.

In Pune, life buzzes with the energy of start-ups and students, and yet, there's always a quiet spot under a tree or by a café where you can plan your future. This city contributes to economic and industrial growth and invites you to put down roots with its friendly vibe, good food, and spots to unwind. Imagine owning a home here, where every day is about living your best life amidst a backdrop of tradition and modern comforts.

Features and benefits of buying a home in Pune with Axis Bank Home Loans

Discover the potential of Pune, a city that offers an affordable yet upscale lifestyle, a stark contrast to Mumbai's pricey real estate market. With its IT and corporate sectors, Pune is becoming a preferred destination for many. To support this shift, we present tailored solutions with compelling Home Loan rates in Pune.

Key features and advantages of a Home Loan in Pune:

  • Home Loan options range from ₹3 lakh to ₹5 crore, catering to varied financial needs
  • Extended loan tenures for manageable EMI plans to ensure your budget remains intact
  • Flexibility with fixed and floating interest rates gives you the power to choose as per your financial strategy
  • Streamlined application process for a seamless experience in securing your loan
  • Easy transfer of existing loans, aligning with your convenience
  • At-home personalised service, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Zero prepayment fees for loans with floating interest rates, offering you the freedom to settle early without extra costs

Eligibility criteria to avail Axis Bank Home Loan in Pune

Axis Bank outlines eligibility criteria for you to qualify to get a Home Loan in Pune. Check it here and ensure eligibility by fulfilling key requirements.

Eligibility hinges on:

  • Age and financial well-being
  • Existing financial commitments
  • Credit history
  • Enhance your Home Loan eligibility by:

  • Joint loan application
  • Extended repayment duration
  • Clearing outstanding liabilities
  • Maintaining a credit score above 750
  • Declaring all additional income sources

Documents required to get Axis Bank Home Loan in Pune

For the procurement of an Axis Bank Home Loan in Pune, ensure submission of:

  • The loan application form with PAN Card
  • Legitimate identification, including passport, Aadhaar, or driving licence
  • Pune domicile proof via Aadhaar, licence or utility bills
  • Proof of income tailored for the employed or entrepreneur
  • Pre-loan property documentation as per the bank's requirement
  • Refer here for a comprehensive list of required documents.

Home Loan interest rate in Pune

Begin your journey towards owning a dream home in Pune by exploring the Home Loan interest rates in Pune offered by Axis Bank. Ensure you stay informed on the latest rates, enabling you to make decisions that are both knowledgeable and conducive to securing your ideal home in Pune.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Empower your real estate journey in Pune by leveraging Axis Bank's Home Loan EMI calculatorThis vital tool equips you with accurate EMI forecasts. It ensures you are well-versed in your repayment options, facilitating positive, informed decisions on your Home Loan. Adopt this approach to navigate Pune's property market with confidence, making the most of your financial planning and opportunities.

How to avail Axis Bank Home Loan in Pune?

Experience premier service at every phase, supported by our dedicated team and technology. Commence your effortless Home Loan journey today with Axis Bank:

  • Initiate online: Begin your application with a simple click.
  • In-Person guidance: Visit your nearest branch for tailored support.
  • Telephonic help: Dial 1-860-419-5555, 1-860-500-5555, or 1800-103-5577 for assistance.
  • SMS facility: Send 'home' to 5676782 to fast-track your Home Loan application.


Axis Bank in Pune offers diverse products, including Home Loans, Loans against property, balance transfer services, and Top-up Loans, catering to various financing needs for purchasing, constructing, or renovating properties.

Your Home Loan eligibility in Pune primarily depends on your income, existing debts, and credit score. Generally, Axis Bank ensures your EMI doesn't exceed 40-50% of your monthly income, factoring in your financial stability.

Obtaining a Home Loan in Pune with a low credit score is challenging but possible. Axis Bank may offer loans with a larger down payment to mitigate the risk.

Yes, you can transfer your existing Home Loan to Axis Bank in Pune to avail of a lower interest rate. This process, known as Home Loan balance transfer, can lead to significant savings on your EMIs.

Home Loans in Pune come with several tax benefits: deductions up to ₹1.5 lakh on principal repayment under Section 80C, up to ₹2 lakh on interest payment under Section 24(b), and additional deductions for affordable housing under Section 80EEA.

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