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Axis Mobile – Corporate, an exclusive application to help Axis Bank’s Corporate banking customers oversee and execute their daily transactions remotely and at their convenience. This mobile app can be used for viewing account details and/or the approval of transactions initiated, from multiple digital channels providing the convenience of anywhere and anytime banking. The application can be used on all types of Android and iOS devices.

Axis Mobile - Corporate is a mobile Application for users to access their Corporate Internet Banking interface. This mobile app can be used for viewing account details and approval of transactions initiated from multiple Digital Channels i.e. CIB (Corporate Internet Banking), Bulk, Host to Host (H2H) and Trade & Forex, providing the convenience of anywhere and anytime banking
Smart phones running Android (Ver. 8 and above) and iPhones (Version 10 and above) can be used for using the application.
Currently this application is only available for mobile phones.

No, you have to use your existing credentials for the corporate internet banking portal, i.e. Corporate ID, User ID and Password for logging in the first time.

You can login to the mobile app by using the credentials for your Corporate Banking Account: Corporate ID, Login ID and password. Once the details are entered an OTP is generated on the registered mobile no. Consecutive login in the same device will require only the Login Password to be entered.
The MPIN facility is currently not available. However, you can login via simplified login from a device, using the set password for login second time onwards.

Transactions cannot be initiated on the Axis Mobile- Corporate App.

Currently user only needs to validate via OTP for approving transactions.
The User ID will get locked after 5 consecutive incorrect attempts. You can approach your Relationship Manager or Nodal Branch and provide a request letter (from the authorised signatory) to activate the User ID again.
Yes. You can see your account balances on the mobile app.
While you cannot download an account statement directly using the Axis Mobile corporate App, you can have a PDF of your account statement sent to your registered email id, from where you can access/download it.

The upcoming payments are visible in the Alerts section of the app.

The calendar is used to show the upcoming transaction two days before expiry
Yes. The App can be used on both national and international roaming, provided there are no country specific restriction on the internet.
Yes, you can see 3 of your favourite accounts on the dashboard if you have more than 3 accounts mapped.
Your account details are not stored on the Mobile Application. Hence you should not experience any threat to your data unless your password has been compromised. However, should you lose your mobile phone, we advise that you review your account transaction history on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) and immediately report any suspicious transactions to us through Phone banking.
The Mobile Banking facility offers the same set of security controls as Internet Banking. Similar features like server authentication, customer authentication, and transaction limit controls and data encryption are part of the Mobile banking facility.
You can write to or connect with our Phone Banking team on 1860-500 4971 (9:30AM to 6:30PM, Mon-Sat on working days). Alternatively you may also connect with your Relationship Manager or Nodal Branch.
Banking made easy without Internet in 11 regional languages

Banking made easy without Internet
in 11 regional languages

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