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Get your VPA (Virtual Payment Address) for seamless payments across bank accounts


About Axis Pay


How Axis Pay works


Unified Payments Interface (UPI) allows all account holders to send and receive money using their smartphones with a single identifier – virtual payments address – without entering any bank account information. Therefore, customers do not need to know the payee's or payer’s IFSC code, bank account details, etc. and this makes the process simpler.
A virtual Payment address is a unique identifier which can be linked to your bank account. Using Axis Pay, all one needs is a virtual address (which is unique to you) instead of account number and IFSC for making payments.
Axis Pay can be used by both Axis Bank and other bank customers.
The Axis Pay app allows you to Send or Ask for money using Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You can link any bank account to the VPA. Both Axis Bank and other Bank customers can check their account balance on Axis Pay.
No. The same features are available to both Axis Bank and other Bank Customers.
Axis Pay can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for all Android devices.
Axis Bank offers Axis Pay free of charge. You can download and use this application as and when you need to without any charges levied by the Bank. Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS/SMS used. Please check with your operator for details.
The actual download time depends on the speed of data connectivity offered by your mobile operator.
Axis Pay is user specific. It requires a 6 digit passcode to login to Axis Pay. For security reasons, you are requested not to share your Axis Pay Passcode with anyone.
You will need to download the application again on your handset from the play store.
The appearance of Axis Pay may differ slightly on different phones, however, its functions and operations will remain the same, irrespective of the mobile handset being used.
In case you download and register on Axis Pay using a new device, Axis Pay installed on the old device automatically gets de-registered.
  • Download the Axis Pay app from Google Play Store
  • Auto SMS is sent from your mobile phone to Axis Pay. In case your phone has a a dual SIM, select the preferred phone number registered with your bank.
  • Set a profile name and a unique 6 digit passcode for yourself
  • Select your preferred bank from the list
  • Create a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for the selected account
  • Verify the selected account using your Debit Card credentials and OTP
  • Set MPIN for the account. Use this MPIN for sending money to other Virtual Addresses (VPA)

Once you have registered for Axis Pay and wish to send or ask money, you will have to follow the one time process of creating your VPA and linking it to your preferred bank account. You need to select your preferred bank account from the list. To authenticate the account linking process, you need to enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number and expiry month and year (MMYY) and OTP ( that will be sent by your bank) .Post authentication, you will be asked to set a unique MPIN for your account.

To send money, select your VPA and payee’s VPA. Enter the amount you want to transfer and authenticate the transaction by entering the MPIN which you had set following the above process.

To ask for money, select your VPA and the payer’s VPA. Enter the amount you want to receive. Your request is sent to the payer/person from whom you have requested for money. Payer will receive the notification of your ‘ask request’ which he/she can approve by entering the MPIN which he/she would have set following above process. Payer can also choose to decline the ask request.

This is either because the verification SMS is not sent from the device, network error or the device does not have a SIM. Please ensure that your phone has data connectivity. If the problem persists, please delete the application, download and try registering again.
You can simply reconnect to Axis Pay and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed before initiating a fresh transaction.
Yes, as long as you have GPRS activated on your mobile number, subject to availability of the network, you can access Axis Pay anywhere in the country. Please keep in mind that you might be charged special roaming rates for using GPRS.
You will have to download the application again from the Google play store and register.

To add a contact,

  • Select 'Manage Contacts' in side menu
  • Enter virtual address of the contact
  • Enter the nickname of the contact to be added. Verify the details and Save.

To delete a contact,

  • Select 'Manage Contacts' in side menu.
  • Long press on the contact to be deleted.
  • Select ‘Delete’ to delete the contact.
Yes, You can add more than 1 bank account in Axis Pay. You can add both Axis Bank and Non Axis Bank Accounts to Send and Ask money.
Yes, you can add any bank account enabled on UPI in Axis Pay using 'Manage Accounts' menu.
Follow the process of clicking on “+” sign in 'Manage accounts' menu in the side menu in Axis Pay. Select the bank name with which you hold the account. Your account number will be automatically fetched. You will have to verify your account by entering last 6 digits of Debit Card number and expiry month and year (MMYY) followed by entering the OTP and setting up an MPIN for the account. All Axis Bank and Non Axis bank accounts mapped to the registered mobile number can be added, as per the bank selected by the user. You can set the VPA for all the accounts mapped to the registered mobile number.
The maximum transaction limit for every fund transfer transaction in Axis Pay is Rs 1,00,000( One lakh). The daily limit on fund transfer for every user in Axis Pay is Rs 10,00,000 (Ten lakhs).
No. You cannot send money without setting an MPIN for a particular bank account.
To delete a account,
  • Select 'Manage Accounts' in side menu.
  • Long press on the account to be deleted.
  • Select ‘Delete’ to delete the account.
The money will be debited instantly from your account.
Yes, you can set the expiry time. You can set an expiry time between 1 day to 45 days, from the date of initiation of the transaction.
You can see your past transactions under 'Transaction Status' available on the side menu of your Axis Pay application.
You can raise your query pertaining to a transaction using Axis Pay. You will find an option to raise query for a transaction under the ‘Transaction Status’ option available in the side menu.
Yes, you can transfer money using account number and IFSC of the beneficiary, in case you do not have a virtual payment address of the beneficiary.
There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be added for receiving money.
This may be due to congestion in your service provider’s data network. So, it might take a little time to complete the transaction.
Axis Pay is available to you free of cost. However, standard data access rates will be applicable as per your telecom service provider for using Axis Pay.

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