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As a leading financial institution, we help facilitate capital flows into critical sectors of the Indian economy and serve millions of customers across the socio-economic spectrum in every part of the country. In alignment with the global sustainable development agenda led by the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, we have strived to enhance our ESG-aligned business profile, focusing on scaling our sustainable banking and financing portfolio in both the retail and wholesale banking, lowering the carbon footprint of our business operations and helping move the needle through policy advocacy and thought leadership.

Sustainable Financing Framework

  • We launched our Sustainable Financing Framework in September 2021 that articulates our strategy and priorities for financing ESG-aligned sectors.
  • The Framework has received a Second Party Opinion from Sustainalytics, thus ensuring its alignment to global sustainable finance best practices.
  • We in place an ESG Working Group towards managing the Bank’s obligations and commitments under the Framework.

View the Sustainable Financing Framework here

View the Second Party Opinion here

India’s first Sustainable USD AT1 notes of $ 600 million

  • We successfully raised India’s first Sustainable USD AT1 notes of $ 600 million in the overseas markets in September 2021, thus making India only the second jurisdiction in Asia with a sustainable AT1 issuance.
  • The issuance witnessed an overwhelming response from marquee investors, with the order book being 3.8 times oversubscribed ahead of the Final Pricing Guidance announcement and close to 50% of the final allocation to ESG-focused investors.

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ESG Policy for Lending

  • Since 2016, we have in place the ESG Policy for Lending that integrates Environmental and social risk considerations into our corporate credit appraisal mechanisms. The Policy incorporates global standards and guidelines such as the IFC Performance Standards.
  • The Policy is implemented by a team of Environmental and Social Risk Experts housed with the Wholesale Credit Underwriting vertical.

View the ESG Policy for Lending here

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