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Home Loan EMI Calculator

Select Your Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Tenure to calculate your estimated EMI.

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Home Loan EMI Calculator

Everyone wishes to own their own home at some point in time in their lives. How long can you keep paying rent and keep working according to the whims and fancies of home owners? You need your own home eventually. A place which you can call your own, and share with your own family. It is an investment of a lifetime! You give your family security and a sense of belonging. A home is an investment of a lifetime. It is there to stay for you and your children and their children. A home is a place where you live on your own terms and together alongwith your family make memories in it..

While today’s market makes it difficult to buy homes outright, home loans come to the rescue. Your budget and your needs are taken into consideration while you opt for a loan. To make matters easier for you, there are home loan calculators which help you understand the risk, tenure, investment, and EMI structure. You are well-aware much before on how much there is at stake and can make decisions accordingly. A home loan calculator gives you a fair idea on what to expect out of your investment. But always remember that a home will always give you a lot of pride and fulfilment.

The idea of applying for a home loan, for many of us, is scary. Interest rates, the tenure of repayment and going through the whole process of getting an approval for your loan are the top three things that generally tend to make us hesitant of applying for one. However, with Axis Bank, this is no longer the case. Axis Bank’s home loans are not only easy on the pockets, thanks to the affordable interest rates, but the process is also fast and hassle-free.

Major Problem to Loan Borrowers and Its Solution

One of the major problems that trouble the loan borrowers is the calculation of EMI and interest on the loan taken. However, Axis Bank’s has made understanding your EMI calculation simpler with their Home Loan calculator, which gives you an idea of how much EMI you would be paying per month and the rate of interest. All you would need to do is just fill the necessary details in the home loan calculator and get all your answers.

Apart from the EMI, it is the rate of interest and the tenure of the payment of the loan that gives people sleepless nights when it comes to applying for a home loan. To make things easier for you, Axis Bank’s home loan EMI calculator helps you to understand the risk, tenure, interest and EMI structure of your loan. It is much easier to take a decision when the borrower knows all the factors that affect him while availing the home loan.

How to Use Home Loan EMI Calculator?

With simple charts and instant results, Axis Bank’s home loan calculator is very easy to use. Just basic understanding is enough to know the answer to your query. In the home loan calculator you need to add the following details:

  • The loan amount you wish to take
  • The rate of Interest
  • The tenure for which you want the loan
  • Processing fee

By adding these simple details, you get the EMI amount of your loan.

To make it user-friendly, Axis Bank has inserted a slider with which you can adjust the value in the calculator by dragging the slider to either left or right side. After you give the command to calculate, you get the instalment amount and interest payable separately.

Another distinctive attribute of home loan calculator is you do not need to alter the interest rate slider. The calculator automatically adjusts the interest rate of the loan based on the tenure and amount of loan. Like, if the loan amount is high with longer tenure, the rate of interest shall be high because you get the flexibility of paying the loan at your comfort by keeping a balance between your expenses and saving. Similarly, if the loan tenure is for less duration, the rate of interest shall be lesser as in this case you would pay off the borrowed amount quickly.

Features of Home Loan EMI Calculator

Taking a home loan can be a stressful task. Efficient planning must be done before applying for a home loan. Even before you avail for the loan, you can calculate how much EMI and interest you would be paying by using Axis Bank’s home loan calculator. The personal home loan EMI calculator gives you the estimate of the monthly instalment for the duration of time desired by you. This reduces the burden on the head of the borrower, as now he knows what he needs to pay and in how much time period he needs to pay. Thus, the role of home loan EMI calculator in availing loan is very important.

The EMIs to be payable are shown in the form of graphs which are very easy to understand for laymen. The home loan calculator gives a fair idea of how the loan amount is to be planned and how repayment shall be done along with the interest. The home loan calculator is a boon for anyone seeking a home loan.

Axis Bank’s home loan calculator helps you to calculate the EMI for loan amount ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,00,000. You can select the tenure of your loan ranging from 6 months to 30 years. With such flexibility, you can adjust your monthly income and expenditures to repay your EMIs timely. The real benefit of knowing the EMI timely is that you can plan your monthly budgets accordingly.

How Do We Help?

In today’s world, it is difficult to buy the homes outright. Axis Bank is the market leader in providing home loans to its customers so that they can buy their dream home. With our quick services and timely follow up, you don’t waste much time in getting the loan passed. The process of loan application is also quick and hassle-free, as minimal documentation is required. No matter what queries you have, Axis Bank can give you a better understanding about your loan and the repayment schedule with the home loan calculator. All your need to do is, contact the nearest branch and apply for a loan application.