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Home Loan on 76,000 - 1 lakh Salary

Make the smart investment choice with Axis Bank Home Loans

Home Loan on 76,000 - 1 Lakh Salary

A home not only meets your basic need of a place to stay but is also an asset whose value grows over time. With the right loan amount you can easily own a home and meet all other goals and obligations. Avail a ₹76,000 - 1 lakh salary Home Loan from Axis Bank with easy processing and documentation. Make your dream abode your own.

How much home loan can I get on a ₹76,000 - ₹1 Lakh Salary?

Your net in-hand salary is a major determinant of how much loan you can be offered.
According to a general rule, you can get a home loan up to 60 times your net monthly salary, depending on other factors.

For example,

(Calculated using Axis Bank’s Home Loan Eligibility Calculator)

Net Monthly Income (₹)76,00085,0001,00,000
Age (yrs)353535
Loan tenure (yrs)151515
Other EMIs (₹)000
Return on Investment (%)101010
Loan Amount (₹)45,97,03751,41,42360,48,733

Home Loan on ₹76,000 - ₹1 Lakh Salary Benefits

To apply for Axis Bank Online Home Loan:

  • Smaller EMIs: EMIs that don’t strain your pockets and are stretched over a long tenure
  • Attractive interest rate:Avail competitive home loan interest rates
  • Option to choose the interest rate type: Choose between fixed and floating rates of interest depending on your preference
  • Hassle-free process: Right from application to loan disbursement, our processes are hassle-free and swift
  • Top-up loan:Enjoy a top-up loan facility on your existing home loan
  • No pre-payment penalty:
  • Freedom from pre-payment charges on floating interest rates
  • Home loan balance transfer:Transfer your high-interest home loan from another lender to Axis Bank

How to apply for a Home Loan online at Axis Bank?

With Axis Bank’s online home loan facility, the process is fast and requires minimum paperwork

  • Visit the official Home Loan
  • You will be redirected to a page wherein you must enter the details, including your name, contact number, annual income, etc. Then, click on “Submit”. Our official will contact you for further process
  • Submit the required KYC documents and application form to get the loan sanctioned
  • Once done, submit the property documents for verification
  • Your loan will get approved in 15 days

FAQs for Home Loan on ₹76,000 - ₹1 lakh salary

You can apply for a home loan online on a ₹76,000-1 lakh salary. This facility offers ease of process and requires minimum paperwork. You can also apply for a home loan by visiting your nearest Axis Bank Branch or Loan Centre.

Home loan interest rates may vary from one individual to another. Click hereto learn more about interest rates on home loans.

Salaried, self-employed and professionals can apply for Axis Bank Home Loans. You can check the complete eligibility details here. Use our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator to know the extent of loan eligibility.

Your home loan eligibility depends on the following factors:

  • Income and age of the applicant(s)/li>
  • Number of dependents
  • Employment type
  • Assets and existing debt obligations
  • Credit score and history

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