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Axis Bank offers you banking solutions across Digital channels. All your banking needs can be fulfilled under the Axis Bank umbrella of digital offerings. Be it Axis Mobile, Internet Banking or Axis Pay, our products have a multitude of services ranging from Bill Pay to paying your taxes. Axis Bank is your final destination for all your banking needs.

Axis Pay UPI App

The recent demonetisation drive has led us to use cash judiciously. Our dependency on cash on a day to day basis took a hit. Introducing Axis Pay UPI App! A Unified Payments Interface, with which you can link any bank account to send or receive payments instantly and securely, with just your Virtual Payment Address or VPA. Now, a fund transfer with Axis Pay UPI App can make you Win Big!


How to get started?

  • Sender & receiver should download Axis Pay UPI App from the Google Play Store
  • Create unique IDs (example – name@axisbank)
  • Link any particular bank account to your ID
  • Send & receive secure payments instantly

What is UPI - Unified Payment Interface?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which is platform provided by NPCI to facilitate interoperability among various banks. It’s a one stop solution for multiple bank account, one app. It allows all account holders to send and receive money using their smartphones with a single identifier – virtual payments address – without entering any bank account information. Therefore, customers do not need to know the payee's or payer’s IFSC code, bank account details, etc. and this makes the process simpler.


How does UPI work?

  • Download the Axis Pay app from Google Play Store
  • Select your preferred bank account
  • Create a unique ID (example – yourname@axisbank)
  • Verify your account & set a PIN
  • No matter which bank you bank with, you can make and receive secure payments instantly using just a name

How to send money?

  • Select your & receiver’s unique ID
  • Enter amount
  • Send money by entering PIN

How to ask for money?

  • Select your & sender’s unique ID
  • Enter amount
  • Receive money when sender approves transaction on his app
  • For further details, click here

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