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Fund a Worry - Free Holiday

Time to read: 4 mins | March 01, 2017

Who doesn’t want to indulge themselves and their family once in a while? A holiday is the answer to a perfect bonding time. And to fund a worry-free holiday, you can always avail a personal loan.

4 benefits of a personal loan

A personal loan is an unsecured loan and is generally used to finance home renovation, a destination wedding, a vacation, emergency cash requirement or even a consolidation of debt. Personal loan amounts range from 1 to 15 lacs depending on your requirement and eligibility.

But why choose this loan over any other? What are the benefits? Read about 4 benefits of personal loans below:

  • You don’t have to disclose the purpose of your expenditure to have it sanctioned.
  • It can help you get out of a tight spot or make that long-standing dream come true.
  • This type of loan program is available for both salaried and self-employed individuals.
  • Banks have a fairly easy procedure and quick processing for applying for a personal loan.

Our kids wanted to go to the Hong King Disney Land this year. We really wanted to indulge them on this holiday, so we opted for a personal loan and they had a great time!

Pranav Seth, 43, Axis Bank Customer, Dentist

Some benefits are also specific to the type of personal loans. Here are the two categories and their features:

  • Secured personal loans are allotted against a collateral security and are better suited if you want to take a bigger loan amount with a longer repayment schedule. With this, you can get a quick and easy sanction owing to the fact that you have already placed a collateral security. The interest rates are also on the lower side as compared to the unsecured variant.
  • Unsecured loan program does not require you to pledge any collateral so it is ideal for those who can’t place a guarantee against their loan claim. This scheme is lent out for shorter repayment tenure with a slightly higher interest rate. However, you can get your application sanctioned just as quickly as the secured type if you are eligible.

Personal loans are one of the easiest forms of finance that are available today. The advantage of personal loan lies in solving unsorted personal expenses. Just make sure you are familiar with your needs and budgetary limitations before availing such a loan.


Plan your holiday in a way that you avoid the peak dates. This will be easier on the pocket and you can make the most of it!



Now plan that dream holiday for your family without worrying!



RD calculator thumbnail

Plan a dream holiday with a personal loan. Calculate your EMI with the personal loan calculator







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