8 tips to take care of your car during monsoons

5 minAugust 16, 2019

Is your car ready for the rains?

A road trip to a scenic spot with your loved ones is one of the pleasures to be enjoyed during monsoon. We offer some tips to ensure your car remains shipshape and does not let you down on your long drive. Do follow these checks to get your vehicle monsoon ready and don’t forget to carry your Axis Bank Credit Card. It could get you some great deals!


Keep the car clean and dry

Cleaning dirt from your vehicle is of utmost importance. Clean under the bonnet and boot areas. Remove oil, trash, and brake pad garbage from the underbody. Clear headlamp glasses with a cotton cloth.

Check tyres

Check tyres for wear and tear and replace them if worn out. Check air pressure frequently, including that of the spare tyre. Also, get wheel balancing and alignment done to improve safety.

Wiring and battery

Check the condition of the exposed wiring running around the car and ensure that your car’s electricals are in good working condition as wires with insulation peeled off pose a safety risk if they encounter water

Wipers and AC

Replace worn-out wiper blades; worn-out wipers cannot clean the windshield during rain, thus hampering your visibility. Top up the wiper-fluids with soap water as sticky debris might damage the windshield.

Since windows are shut fully during rains, you must switch on the AC all the time. If you do not turn on the AC, your windows and windshields will get fogged up. So, clean your AC filter before the monsoon.


Worn-out brakes could increase the chances of failure. Test your brakes at home; start the engine and press the brake pedal with uniform force after a while – if the clutch continues to sink, it indicates a leak in the system. Also, if you feel a vacillation in the brake pedal, it means that the pads have worn out and need to be replaced. Ensure that brake fluid level is at an adequate level; otherwise braking won't be useful during rain.


Heavy rains and overcast weather can hamper visibility. Therefore, your car’s lights should be noticeable to other road users. Check by running all lights together – the headlights (in both, high and low beams), brake lights, and hazards indicators. If the lights are dim or inconsistent, you need a new set of bulbs. Flickering or fluctuating lights also indicate a weak battery. Have the headlamp and tail-lamp lenses cleaned if they are fogged or moisture has settled inside the units. Fixing the uneven beam is safe for you as well as for oncoming vehicles.

Paint and bodywork

While leaks in rubber seals can cause rusting, exposed metal is prone to rust too. Make sure to keep the underside of your vehicle clean and clear of the road dirt; these lead to chassis corrosion. Get an underbody coating, anti-rust coating, or a paint protective coating for a protective layer on the car.

Don’t start the engine in water

If you are stuck in water so deep that it can enter the tail-pipe, do not start the vehicle. If you do so, water will enter the engine through the tail-pipe, causing a malfunction in the system. Push the car out of water manually. If you see water ahead while driving, don’t slow down the vehicle in the water.

In slight rains, drive with windows open; this prevents fungal growth. Besides, keep a torch, an umbrella, newspapers and a piece of cloth in the car always, as a precaution. Long traffic jams are frequent during rains, so keep some packets of biscuits or power bars, with water bottles, to quench your hunger and thirst.

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