Gadgets that make the best gifts for senior citizens

5 MinsAugust 21, 2019

The world of technology caters to the young and old alike and has a lot of interesting gifting options. We’ve curated a list of tech gifts that can add value to a senior member in your family. Keep these tips in mind while shopping for your loved ones this World Senior Citizen’s Day, on August 21st .


Revive old memories with a retro music player

Music speaks to people of all ages. Everyone loves listening to their favourite artists and genres. Gift your parent/uncle/grandparent a retro music speaker, preloaded with the most popular songs of their time. Popular models like the Saregama Carvaan feature an easy to use design, and can also double up as FM radio, Bluetooth speaker and USB music player. The Carvaan even offers regional and devotional music models as well. Another option is the Acoosta Uno, which comes packed with more than 14,000 songs. It also supports karaoke and can even charge your devices. However, if they already have a music player of their own, it might be a better idea to gift them a music card from music labels preloaded with their favourite tracks. These would be much appreciated gifts as you can choose from a wide genre of music.

Use an e-book reader to read with ease

Age and reading don’t always agree with each other. The typical book-reading posture is quite taxing over longer hours, and it gets worse with age. Particular books might have too small a font size and are difficult to read while lying down against the light. An e-book reader can take care of these things and more. It is also easier to carry a lightweight e-reader rather than a big heavy book, making it an apt gift for an older person. Leading models also come with backlit screens, making reading in low light less difficult. They also allow the reader to resize the book’s text, increasing it to whatever font size they find comfortable. In fact, the gadget may just inspire them to start reading, even if they are not book lovers.

A taste of the future with a smart speaker

Voice has been long proclaimed as the interface of the future. One of the biggest reasons behind that is the ease of use. Voice is a highly intuitive way to interact with tech and has a pretty low learning curve, making it ideal for older adults. A smart speaker can prove handy for activities like listening to news, playing favourite music and maybe even calling you with voice commands!

Cherishing memories with a digital photo frame

Every parent cherishes the nostalgia that comes with looking at pictures of their kids. While nothing can compare to the memories captured within the pictures, you can add a dash of tech to the experience with a digital photo frame. You'll find quite a wide range of options across different price points on leading e-commerce platforms. For Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 6,500 approximately, you’ll find entry level models with varying sizes such as 7-inches or 10-inches. Most come with a standard set of features like support for USB, SD cards as well as a remote in the box. Pricier models can range from Rs. 10,000 up to Rs. 40,000 and can come with significantly more onboard storage, better-quality dedicated speakers, and even a smartphone app. With that being said, even cheaper models can come with a full set of features, so make sure you check the product listings and reviews before you pick one.

Regardless of which one you choose depending on your preferences, there’s something you can do to make this gift even sweeter. With apps like Google PhotoScan, PhotoMyne, Office Lens and CamScanner, you can use your smartphone camera (and a pair of steady hands) to create digital scans of your old photo albums. Then you could pre-load these pictures onto the digital photo frame of your choice before gifting it to your dad. Just imagine the smile on your dad’s face when he discovers that his favourite pictures from your childhood are already on the photo frame! And digitising those dusty photo albums will help preserve those memories forever.

Staying healthy with a fitness tracker

Regular physical activity is essential to living a healthy life, especially as an older adult. Getting them a fitness tracker, could help them keep track of their daily steps, blood pressure, heart rate and more! With a fitness tracker, they’ll stay on top of their daily walk and sleep cycles. Additionally, they’ll also be able to ditch their wallets at home since many ‘bands’ are capable of contact-less payments.

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