How bank ATMs are equivalent to mini-bank branches

4 MinsMarch 24, 2020

When Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) were first introduced in India in the mid-80s, they were popularly known as Any Time Money machines (ATMs). While initially they were used only for withdrawing cash, today's ATMs offer a wide range of banking services. You can avoid stepping into a bank branch and do most of your banking through an ATM. Over the years, thanks to the digital advancement made by banks, it is also possible to do several transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. However, for those who need to handle cash, ATM is a viable alternative in case access to a bank branch is difficult. Let us see the various transactions you can do through your Axis Bank ATM.


1. Fund Transfer: You can transfer funds to anyone with an Axis Bank account, all you need is the beneficiary’s account details. There is a daily limit of Rs. 50,000 for such transactions.

2. Request for cheque Books: If you need a new cheque book, you don’t need to visit a bank branch. Now you can just do it using the ATM and a time and place of your convenience.

3. Check your account balance and get mini bank statements: You can check your account balance at any ATM. You can also get a mini-bank statement if you feel like it. You have to keep in mind that your ATM statement will not be exhaustive.

4. Register for SMS Banking: Your Axis Bank ATM allows you to register your mobile number for SMS banking the two-factor authentication for online transactions.

5. You can change the PIN of your credit or debit card at the ATM

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When you using your bank ATM, do keep in mind certain precautions and conditions:

  • As per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, the ‘cash retraction’ facility has been removed from all Axis Bank ATMs. Hence, you should collect your cash as soon as it is dispensed, otherwise, the cash will remain in the mouth of the ATM and someone else might take it.
  • Never disclose your ATM PIN to anyone. If you find someone in the kiosk, shield the number pad with your palm to prevent the other person from seeing the PIN.
  • Always check the card slot on the ATM to see if there is any external device attached to it. Fraudsters often use such devices to copy your debit card details, such as the expiry date and CVV number. These details, if compromised, could be used to carry out online fraudulent transactions. Hence, be careful while using your card at an ATM.

As of February 2020, Axis Bank had 14000+ ATMs across the country with 11000+ of these being voice compliant i.e. viable to visually challenged users. Given Axis Bank’s ATM network, it is possible for you to carry out your regular banking transactions at a location convenient to you. Visit the ATM Banking section on our website for more information.

Furthermore, to help you in the current situation, all ATM transaction charges have been withdrawn for three months starting from 31st March 2020.

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