Why should you get an Axis Bank Neo Credit Card this Diwali?

4 MinsOct 21, 2022

Diwali is one of the widely celebrated festivals in India. The entire country comes alive with lights, crackers, and joy. It is also a time when purchases in the country go up. From clothes and jewellery to household items, people go on a shopping spree during the festival. This is also a time when brands put up items on sale to encourage more spending.

Celebrate a wholesome Diwali with Axis Bank Credit Card

You can take advantage of fantastic shopping deals with an Axis Bank credit card to transform your home to match the celebrations of the season. You can also use offers to get the best consumer goods at deeply discounted rates!

Some tips to make the most of your Axis Bank Credit Card this Diwali:

  • Shop for a festive set-up:
    If you want to re-do the furniture in your home, Diwali is a great time. From changing the couch to getting a new table, an interior overhaul can usher in the much-needed festive spirit. You can use your Axis Bank credit card to purchase this at a good discount.
  • Light up your surroundings:
    You can use decorative lights to embellish your home and string lights to illuminate external walls. You can add a chandelier to your living room to celebrate Diwali. Axis Bank offers discounts on household items.

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  • Add colours to your home:
    A paint job can be a great way to prepare your home for Diwali. Choose the right colours and give your house a complete makeover!
  • Shop accessories for your home:
    Adding new drapes and pillows can give your home a festive appearance. Get new curtains, sofa covers, cushions and sheets. It will give your home a festive and fresh look. You can add vibrant pillows and cushions with traditional art, pop-art designs, or Indian themes. For Diwali, torans are another familiar decorative accent. Adorn mandirs, entryways and arches with hangings and decorate an area of the house with conventional and non-traditional bells and diyas of all sizes positioned at various heights to give your room an intriguing appearance.
  • Add the smell of fresh flowers to your home:
    Flowers add fragrance and beauty to your home. Make a garland out of some flowers and use it to decorate the stair railings, stair knobs and the front door. You may also attach string lights to this floral garland to make it look more appealing. Put roses in a glass bowl with water and place it on the coffee or dining tables.

With Diwali approaching, you not only have an opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones but it also gives you the impetus to shop. Shopping during the festival makes the atmosphere brighter, be it clothes, gadgets, mithai, or luxury goods.

Credit card payments are more manageable with Axis’s credit card payment system. Every purchase with your Axis Bank’s Neo Credit Card makes this Diwali season more appreciable and fun.

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