Should you invest in a weekend home?

6 MinsMay 27, 2022

When Mumbai residents, Gopal Shetty and Sadhana paid off their home loan, they realised that they would no longer be able to claim the tax breaks associated with it. The couple then decided to buy a weekend home on the outskirts of Pune. These are the reasons why they decided to invest in a second home:

Benefits of Investing in a Second Home

Perfect weekend getaway: While their two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai was reasonably spacious, it had all the problems typical of a metro city, namely pollution and congestion. Buying a flat in a gated community in Mumbai, which would give the couple and their two small children space, was out of the question because of the costs involved.

On the other hand, the property they had zeroed in for their weekend home was away from the city, yet not too far to be inaccessible. It has a swimming pool and open spaces and it was something that the couple could afford. This way, the family could spend quality time every weekend, and the kids would have space to run around.

Capital appreciation: Since the property was only about 40 km from Pune, it was likely that the property prices will increase. This means the price of their weekend home could rise over the years.

Cheapest loan to build a long-term asset: Home loan interest rates are at a historic low. The couple could get a home loan in the 6.5 – 7.5% interest bracket, given their incomes and credit history. This is the cheapest debt available to build a long-term asset.

Tax breaks: With their old home loan paid off, the couple could no longer avail of the associated tax break. However, if they took a new home loan to buy a weekend home, they could continue to get a tax break up to Rs. 2 lakh of interest paid per year under Section 24 (B)

Regular income: If they decided to rent out the property, it could offer them a regular income, that will supplement their existing family income.

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Retirement home: The weekend home could serve as Gopal and Sadhana’s retirement home in about 15 years. They could encash their Mumbai property, which is bound to appreciate significantly, invest the proceeds wisely and then pursue whatever interests they want to without worrying about money.

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