Boost your child’s career goals with tech

7 MinsJanuary 24, 2020

Technology can make learning more interesting. This can lead to better retention and make children more proficient in the skills they need. Technology also impacts how children can approach their career goals. Today, for kids to achieve their career goals, parents and teachers need to ensure that a child is making the most of their education with the help of technology. There are many ways to go about it, and we’ve covered a few of them here.

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Laptops and tablets

There was a time when giving a child a laptop or tablet was considered an overindulgence. That was before there were ways to use them primarily as educational devices. Across budgets, you can get a wide range of laptops ranging in capabilities. Basic ones will be good enough for reading and watching educational videos, whereas slightly more powerful ones will be able to run dedicated software like CAD, MATLAB, and Photoshop which are essential in certain educational courses. Even a basic level of proficiency in professional software for design, programming, multimedia, etc, can go a long way in preparing your child for their dream career in those areas.

Tablets are more intuitive for smaller children as they encourage interactive learning through touch. Major platforms today have a wide range of applications to choose from. Studies have shown that touchscreen learning benefits children. Additionally, such devices today also come with some degree of parental control so you can prevent your children from misusing their access to technology.

Overall, dedicated devices are highly useful for a child's education and developing skills that are highly beneficial for their careers. If you plan on buying one, you should check out exciting EMI offers on Axis Bank credit cards across platforms.

Online courses

The internet has made the world smaller, and the world of education has shrunk even further. Today, people of all ages can undertake an online course in almost any subject area. You can find the right course or relevant subject/grade exam combination for your needs through a simple online search.

Some of the well-known platforms in India offer courses aligned with the syllabus of major educational boards in the country. While some platforms are paid, some are free. These offer access to content and material created by subject experts, and even courses for competitive examinations. Besides, there are also resources available on social media platforms, such as YouTube videos.

In addition to this, online courses also allow students to learn at their own pace. Some of them even employ gamification to make the entire experience more enjoyable for the learner. If the course fees on the platform of your choice seem to be too steep, an education loan on attractive terms from Axis Bank can be helpful.

Collaboration and communication

Collaboration and communication can be a difficult skill to master if you don’t learn it from a formative age. Technology can help in this area as well. Online collaboration tools and communication platforms can help kids express themselves better, and overcome their inhibitions in everyday life.

Google’s free, web-based productivity apps like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, can be highly useful for team projects even for kids. Video conferencing is available in most popular messaging applications like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype and more. Not only does this improve their communication skills, but it also gives them an early experience in professional collaboration and communication as it is carried out today in the workplace.

Cutting edge learning methods

Tech in education also opens up new methods of learning and understanding. Beyond reading textbooks and even watching videos, children can use new tools like chatbots, augmented reality and more. These technologies are not just gimmicks, they are proven to be better in certain areas compared to their traditional counterparts. For instance, augmented reality (AR) tools can be used to let children interact with 3D models of what they’re learning – a monument, a complex geometrical shape or our solar system.

Niche subjects

The importance of programming in today’s technology-driven world is not lost on anyone. Almost every modern education system introduces children to computer programming at an early age. In a world where almost everything runs on code, the ability to code is certainly one of the most coveted skills for a fruitful career.

Even if your child isn’t interested in going for a full-fledged career in coding, it can still prove to be useful. Learning almost any programming language improves problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. There are online platforms for kids of all ages to grasp the basics of programming, apps to make the process gamified and fun. The list can go on.

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Career counselling

Not every child has complete clarity on what they want to do later in life. Most kids do not have a grasp of their strengths and weaknesses. Even when they do have an understanding of both, surveys often reveal that they might not be aware of all the possibilities out there. This is where technology can help. Again, there are web-based career counselling platforms that perform the entire process online - from identifying the child’s traits to providing counselling sessions and more. Interactive activities and simple questions are used to generate a detailed report on things like stream selection, college selection, career planning, etc.

Fulfilling your child’s career dreams

When used well technology can go a long way in making children more intelligent, address their weak areas in studies, and even prepare for better performance in specific tests. Technology might help your child get the foundation required to be accepted into the best institutions in the world. However, you need to be prepared financially to support them. The right education loan can bridge the gap between their dreams and your finances. Axis Bank offers education loans at attractive interest rates with quick loan disbursal. With this, all your child will need is your support and encouragement to achieve what they’ve always wanted.

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