Here is how the right credit card can make holidays even more fun

6 MinsApril 14, 2022

Darshana Pandya, 26, is super-excited. She will be visiting her sister in New York -- her first solo overseas flight – but she has just got her first Axis Bank credit card which she can use on the trip.

To understand all the benefits offered by her card and how she can enjoy them, she spent a bit of time on Axis Bank’s website. Here is what she found out:

credit card can make holidays even more fun

The most significant benefit, of course, is convenience. Armed with her card, Darshana doesn’t have to worry about carrying too much cash while she goes sightseeing in the Big Apple or visits restaurants, museums or cafes. All she has to do is swipe the card, and the payment is done.

Discounts and Cashbacks
Darshana’s credit card offers some sweet deals on her travel-related shopping. These are in the form of discounts and cashback, be it booking her tickets online or shopping for clothes, shoes and cosmetics. After all, Darshana is keen to look trendy in New York, and her credit card will come in handy.

Reward Points
Darshana’s credit card comes with a generous Axis Edge rewards points programme. The more she spends on her card, the more points she will earn, which can then be redeemed for shopping for gifts for her family when she is returning.

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Lounge Access
Darshana’s flights to and back from New York have a long layover in London. Her credit card gives her access to lounges at the airports, making these less tiresome. She can also use this lounge access when flying from New York to San Francisco to meet her cousins.

Fraud and Purchase Protection
For a small fee, Darshana would be able to buy fraud and purchase protection on her card. This will protect her from the liability arising from her card being used fraudulently and if something she buys using her card is faulty or damaged.

Precautions to take while using a credit card on a holiday
But there are also some simple hygiene measures that Darshana should follow while using her credit card. Let’s see some of these:

  • Never spend more than you can repay. After all, credit card expenditure is a form of an unsecured loan on which banks tend to charge a high-interest rate.
  • Pay off the total bill before the due date. If this is not possible, explore opportunities to convert the pending amount into EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). Never default on a credit card payment. Not only does it attract penal interest, but also adversely affects the credit score.
  • Never use a public Wifi network for online shopping. These often tend to be insecure, and hackers could access your card data and misuse it.
  • Always ensure that the card is swiped in front of you, especially in restaurants or cafes. Never hand over your credit card for stealing away from your scrutiny. This will help in preventing fraud.
  • Keep in mind the exchange rate and conversion fee if using your credit card for international payments. While these may add to the transaction cost, using a credit card is safer than carrying wads of cash around.

Axis Bank offers a range of credit cards with various benefits tailored to its customers' preferences. For instance, you could get welcome benefits of Rs 1500 worth vouchers, Rs 750 Amazon and Rs 750 Decathlon on the Axis Bank AURA Credit Card or you could try the Flipkart Credit Card, which offers Rs 1100 worth of activation benefits, including Flipkart vouchers worth Rs 500.

Customers are also entitled to Edge Reward points depending on their spending patterns. You can redeem them for a range of attractive deals and offers.

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