Should you buy – an SUV or a sedan?

3 Mins March 9, 2022

Yunus is planning to buy a new car. However, he is confused about whether to opt for a sedan or a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Here are some factors he should take into account while making his choice:

how to choose between buying suv or sedan

Usage: What will Mohammad use the car primarily for and where will he drive? If he needs it mainly need for commuting to work in a city where road conditions are generally better, then a sedan would make more sense. If, however, he plans to use it more for weekend drives out of the city, where roads may be rough, then an SUV would be a better option. Due to the higher ground clearance of the SUV, the underbody remains safe from damage on bad or bumpy roads.

Comfort: Generally speaking, sedans are more comfortable. Their three-box design means that the luggage compartment – the boot – is separate from the passenger space. It allows for a more luxurious driving experience. On the other hand, if a lot of Mohammad's driving is likely to be on highways, especially at night, he may want to opt for an SUV. The higher driving seat in an SUV means greater visibility in the front and less of a hassle while dealing with the glare from headlights of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Mileage: SUVs tend to be heavier than sedans and, as a result, offer lower mileage. This is an essential factor to consider if the average daily commute is likely to be more than 40-50 km.

Seating: Most sedans are designed to accommodate five people. On the other hand, SUVs offer a choice of seating seven or even eight people (though this often comes at the cost of comprising luggage space). Therefore, if Mohammad has a large family riding the car regularly, he may want to choose an SUV.

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Luggage space: Sedans, as mentioned earlier, have closed luggage space in the form of the boot. SUVs, on the other hand, have open luggage space. However, the advantage of an SUV is that Mohammad can fold and/or remove the back seat/s and dramatically increase the luggage space. So, if he plans to travel with a lot of stuff frequently, he might be better advised to opt for an SUV.

Safety: Today, most SUVs and sedans tend to have comparable safety features like multiple airbags. But there is one area where sedans tend to score higher – cornering. Because sedans have lower ground clearance, their centre of gravity is lower. This makes for far better and safer handling, especially on curved roads. On the other hand, SUVs can take you where no sedan can venture without damaging the vehicle – for example, on water-logged roads or off-road conditions.

Cost: Because of their features like four-wheel drive trains, SUVs often cost more than sedans.

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