Get Rewards & Cashback When Opening a Savings Account

4 MinsSept 14, 2021

For most bank customers, the first formal relationship with a bank is through a Savings Account. You use it to receive money, salary or any other income. You also make payments for your regular expenses or allocate money towards investments from your Savings Account.

open savings account and get rewarded

A Savings Account is also useful for keeping funds aside for any emergency need that may crop up in future. The money is secure, earns interest and is available as and when you want it. Find out more about the savings account interest rates structure!

While opening a Savings Account you would typically look at the average balance requirement, the number of free transactions, features related to chequebook and ATM usage, etc.

Now, there is one more feature you can add to this list: Cashback offers.

Open an ASAP Digital Savings Account between 6th September 2021 and 6th December 2021 and enjoy cashback between 10% and 15% per cent on and Flipkart, for a period of up to 180 days from the day of opening the account. Let us understand in detail how this works. 

How cashback works

  • On opening a new Axis Digital ASAP Savings Account you can enjoy cashback (depending on the type of Savings Bank Account)
  • Once you open the account and transact using your Axis Bank debit card via Grab Deals, the cashback amount gets credited back to your savings account within 90-120 days.
  • You continue to earn interest on the cashback amount that gets credited to your account 
  • What’s better, you can open Axis Digital Savings Account through Video-KYC, without any physical documentation and without visiting a bank branch. Do it sitting in the comfort of your home or office and enjoy cashback offers on all leading e-commerce websites

Conditions for getting cashback

  • The transaction should be done through the Grab Deals platform
  • Authenticate with your registered mobile number and the last four digits of your Axis Bank Debit card
  • When making the payment, make sure you same the Axis Bank debit card that was used for authentication 

So, what are you waiting for? Open an Axis Bank ASAP from any of the following four variants, depending on your needs and enjoy cashback as follows

  • Easy Digital Savings Account – 10% Cashback
  • Prime Digital Savings Account – 12.5% Cashback
  • Priority Digital Savings Account – 15% Cashback
  • Burgundy Digital Savings Account – 15% Cashback

Do note that these rates are for accounts opened during the offer period, i.e. between 6 September and 6 December, 2021.

Also keep in mind that the initial funding amount, average balance requirement and other features will vary depending on the type of Savings Account. 

All Axis ASAP Digital Savings Accounts offer cashback between 3% and 10% on leading e-commerce websites, as a regular benefit. So, you can continue to earn rewards even after the offer period!

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