Consider these 10 European destinations for your next foreign holiday

7 MinsJuly 22, 2022

Europe is full of attractive destinations for every season and every type of traveller. While staples like Paris, Vienna, Rome, and Berlin are part of everyone’s itinerary, why not discover someplace new? Someplace off the beaten track. Here are some of the best places to visit in Europe --and we’ve packed our list with locations you may not have considered before!

Consider these 10 European destinations for your next foreign holiday

1.Tirana, Albania
This unique country offers a lot, from breathtaking hiking trails to magnificent monuments and languid beaches along cerulean waters. Start at the capital, Tirana, and visit the National History Museum, Skanderbeg Square, Pyramid of Tirana, and the Botanical Park. Also, see the beaches in Himara, and Gjipe Beach, the hidden gem of the Albanian Riviera.

2.Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein, nestled between Austria and Switzerland, might be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it’s got what you need for a great vacation. Start at the Liechtenstein Centre in the capital, Vaduz, to glean valuable information about the nation and your next stops. Visit the Cathedral of St. Florin, stroll along in the old neighbourhood of Mittledorf, and cross the Old Rhine Bridge, where you can put one foot in Liechtenstein and the other in Switzerland!

3.Ajaccio, Corsica
The picturesque island of Corsica is a territorial collectivity of France, with heavy Italian influences in its culture. Sights include Maison Bonaparte, Plage de Porticcio, and Chapelle Impérial across the Palais Fesch, which is only open in summer! Wine lovers will also appreciate Corsica’s vineyards, which are about 2000 years old.

4.Vipava Valley, Slovenia
This is the place to be if you love food, the outdoors, and sustainable travel. The stunning views and leisurely pace of Vipava Valley could only be matched by its destination as a foodie’s dream. Hikers and cyclists will love the picturesque views, and you can bring out the wine connoisseur in you by indulging in the wine varieties available here.

5.Tbilisi, Georgia
Consider these 10 European destinations for your next foreign holiday
This fascinating city is a blend of traditional and modern, with a bohemian vibe and a vibrant variety of delicious food and wine. Visit Narikala Fortress, admire the architecture of the Aboutani bathhouse, and get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful city through its much-loved cable-car ride.

6.Brisighella, Italy
Italy is a tourist favourite all year round. But it still has hidden gems like the medieval village of Brisighella, where you can experience classic Italian charm without the rush of commercialised tourism. This is the place to be when you just want to relax, enjoy good food and good wine, and take in the stunning views. Visit the Rocca Manfrediana e Veneziana, enjoy a wine tasting, and perhaps take an Italian cooking class!

7.San Marino
San Marino is the 5th smallest country globally and the world’s oldest republic. Plazza Publico, Torre Cesta, and Museo di Stato should be must-visits on your list. Also, don’t miss Torre Guaita, one of the country’s oldest castles.

8.The Algarve, Portugal
Significantly cheaper than Spain or Greece, the Algarve region of Portugal is one of Europe’s secret paradises. With an easy-going atmosphere and azure waters, the Algarve has a selection of resort towns to choose from, including popular Albufeira, Vilamoura, Praia de Rocha, and Lagos.

9.St Kilda, Scotland
The St Kilda archipelago is a birdwatcher's dream. It’s home to the largest colony of guillemots globally and the largest colonies of fulmars and puffins. It is also an abandoned village which once belonged to the Kildian people, who had to abandon it due to hardship and poverty. This is a World Heritage site and a National Nature reserve.

10.Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
This picture-perfect town is something out of a fairy tale. With a skyline marked by towers, radiant Castle Garden, fascinating history, and verdant hiking trails, ​​Rothenberg ob der Tauber is a place to make colourful, happy memories that you will cherish for years to come.

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