Tips to plan a stress free international holiday

4 minsFebruary 18, 2017

Planning to go an international holiday? Checked all your items on your to-do list – You’ve booked your tickets and accommodation well in advance in order to save last minute hassles. You have managed to save money wherever you could, but still worrying about your expenses abroad?

If you are still dependent upon old school methods such as , debit cards or credit cards to manage your expenses in a foreign country; it’s time to change it up.

Here are few benefits of a travel card or forex card:

  • Why choose a travel card/forex card?
    • Prior to travelling abroad, you can approach any of the banks for a prepaid Travel Card or a Forex Card and load the card with foreign currency. Suppose you are travelling to the UK and you load your travel card with Rs.10, 000, the equivalent amount gets credited into your card in Sterling Pounds. You can use this card anywhere in the UK, without any hassles or difficulties. You can reload the card whenever you want through online modes and your card will be topped up within a couple of hours. Forex cards also work on the same premise and make cashless transactions easier.
    • Besides using it in malls and restaurants, you can also use it at duty free counters. So, the worry of having to pay with currency at the airports is put to rest with this card. If you lose your card, you can block and lodge a complaint through TripAssist as well as get assistance to pay your bills in absence of your card. TripAssist, also helps you with lost passports and emergency cash delivery.  Furthermore, you can track your spends and keep a tab on your spends to ensure you don’t overshoot your budget. Also, you gain the advantage of a lock-in period, which helps you guard your currency from market volatility of currency fluctuations. Further, you don’t need multiple pins and passwords to access your money while travelling.
    • Once you are back from your holiday, if there is any amount leftover in your card, you can get a refund from your bank after submitting the card and necessary paperwork. With this travel card in place, you don’t have to worry about travelling with cash and you become less susceptible to thefts as well. One point you need to remember while using a Forex card is that the transaction charges are quite high when you withdraw cash from it. You can use these cards anywhere else -from shopping to sight-seeing to eating out and other places where you can swipe your card. However, exercise some caution when you use them for withdrawing cash. When you use these cards, you can be assured that you are using a trusted and secured mode of payment. This gives you an immense sense of relief when you are dealing with financial transactions in a foreign country.
    • So, no more currency blues. Enjoy your holiday without worrying about your finances. 


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