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How do I transfer money to another person who doesn’t have an Axis Bank account?

3 minsNovember 6, 2017

Lavanya was travelling out of the country on work. She got her Forex Card well in advance and also funded it. She had some petty cash in USD but thought she required a bit more since she was going for 3 weeks. So she decided to pick up some USD for the cab rides and emergencies. Since she was flying out the same night, she needed the cash immediately. She called her agent and got the rates but when she reached home and checked, she had run out of cheque book leaves and didn’t t have enough INR to give the agent and there was no ATM that she could think of, on her way. So as a last resort, she opted to transfer the amount to her agent. She proceeded to add him as ‘Payee’ on her Axis Mobile appbut on punching his number, she realised he wasn’t an Axis Bank customer. A few phone calls and conversations later, she had her USD and him the amount in exchange for it. All she required was his account number and IFS code. She made an immediate payment through IMPS and all was sorted and the trip continued smoothly.

Such a small thing but so much confusion! But as Internet Banking and Mobile Banking users, there have been instances when one has forgotten to order a fresh cheque book or withdraw money from the ATM to pay his/her mobile bill. It’s all so convenient while banking at your fingertips that you practically make all payments online.While adding an Axis Bank Customer, you all you need his/her registered mobile number with the bank to get his account details. For a non-Axis Bank customer, you need his account number and IFS Code. It’s that easy! Gone are the days when you needed cheques/cash to transfer funds.

Your other option is Axis Pay. UPI, or Unified Payments Interface has made it very simple to transfer funds. The beneficiary may not be an Axis Bank customer but if he has the UPI App, and their unique ID, you are pretty much sorted. With Axis Pay all you need to do is create unique IDs (example – name@axisbank) and link any particular bank account to your ID and post that send & receive secure payments instantly. Your life doesn’t stop. There is no interruption. Life goes on and there is no need for you to worry about as basic a thing as fund transfer.

IMT also gives you this option, but here you don’t have to have a bank account. he receiver can withdraw money from an Axis Bank ATM with or without using a card. The receiver receives all the details required for withdrawal of the cash on his or her mobile phone.

With so many options at hand, it is only difficult not to transfer via Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.


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