Use these tech tips for a hassle free vacation

7 MinsJuly 31, 2019

From finding good deals on tickets to buying local experiences online, use technology to enhance your travel experience so that you can fully enjoy your well-earned holiday. Here are some of our favourite tech tips for travelling.


Use aggregator sites

Thanks to the proliferation of travel and hotel booking websites, hunting for the best price online has become an arduous task. The thought of going through several websites could turn people against the idea of travelling. However, there are several websites that aggregate all kinds of listings so that you don't have to go price hunting. From flight and bus tickets to hotel prices, an aggregator website will scour the internet and highlight the best prices you can get for that particular flight or hotel room.

Axis Bank has also curated and partnered with such aggregators to bring you the best deals on your travel bookings. A couple of examples of such offers are discounts on flight tickets with, as well as a flat 25% discount to Axis Bank credit/debit card users on Treebo Hotels.

Use trip planner apps

Planning your trip can be a hassle with all the variables involved. It is quite easy to lose track and feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re travelling to a foreign country. Thankfully, there are apps such as Google Trips, TripIt and PackPoint which you can use to ease your trip planning.

The first two can detect your tickets and hotel bookings to add them to your calendar. You even get options to download relevant data for the entire location. That means you can access local sightseeing spots, make itineraries, seek out eateries and plan your entire day (or days) without leaving the app or requiring internet connectivity.

The PackPoint app can take care of making a packing checklist once you give them some information about your vacation - the duration, destination, weather and more. Using such apps will take care of planning so that you can focus on travelling. Browse your respective app store to find the right one for your needs.

Recharge your mobile devices on the go

Get yourself a power bank rated 20000mAh or more and forget about dead batteries or being hitched to a plug point. Make sure your model has ample output ports. Some particular units also include different cords to support type-c, lightning and other inputs out of the box. Hence, one power bank can potentially lend a helping hand to your smartphone, laptop, camera, e-book reader and any other device you might be carrying. If you are going on long treks or hikes, there are variants with a flashlight built-in.

Rely on cloud storage

There was a time when expecting an internet connection while travelling was a fool's dream. However, network coverage in most areas has improved vastly. It's no longer surprising to see 'Free Wi-Fi’ as a perk at even the remotest B&Bs. This benefits travellers greatly, especially those obsessed with photography. How? Through cloud storage, of course!

All the high-resolution pictures you'll be clicking on your smartphone and DSLR will eventually fill up the onboard storage, putting a halt to your inner shutterbug. Cloud back-up can come to your rescue here. Every time you have internet access during your journey, you should back up your photos to the cloud and clear your onboard storage.

Some storage providers like Google also offer unlimited cloud backup for a compressed high-quality version of your photos. This way, you can keep clicking for that perfect shot without worrying about space. Some other cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive offer limited free storage, with paid plans letting you push the limits and upload photos in larger file formats like RAW. Take your pick depending on your requirements and budget.

Get foreign currency with a swipe

When travelling abroad carrying the right currency is essential but not the easiest thing to do. Even if you are ready to go to a currency exchange firm’s branch to get your currency exchanged, you’ll have to accommodate for fluctuating exchange rates. Additionally, if your itinerary includes multiple countries, you’ll have to carry the right currency for each place. All these needs can be taken care of with the Multi-currency Forex Card from Axis Bank. You can load up to 16 currencies onto one card, with locked-in exchange rates and also avail contactless payments. The card also comes with insurance coverage as well as assistance with emergency cash, flight & hotels bills and assistance in case of loss/theft of your Forex Card via TripAssist. Currently the card also offers a host of benefits on online hotel bookings on platforms like MakeMyTrip and

Pick apps for local experiences

Aggregators that trawl the internet to amass listings can solve your ticket and hotel needs. However, when it comes to local experiences, there's a need to focus on quality rather than quantity. Various platforms offer local services and curated attractions to address this need. For instance, AirBnB offers Experiences, which are activities hosted by locals and range from food tastings, cooking classes to culture walks, bike rides and everything in between. Klook is another alternative that helps you book local attractions, tours and even local transport, along with user reviews for all of these. Viator has exhaustive listings for things to do when travelling. You can check out these apps on your respective app stores, and pick the one that suits your requirements based on user reviews.

Get Travel Insurance at a click

Anything from sickness to lost baggage can throw the best-made plans into disarray. To make sure that you are covered for all such unexpected events, get yourself travel insurance. You can search for the insurance plan suited to your needs and buy it online. You can even lodge a claim online, should the need arise.

Axis Bank, in partnership with Tata AIG, offers travel insurance policies with a host of benefits. For example, in the event of lost or delayed baggage, the Travel Guard insurance compensates you for the loss of your belongings or emergency purchases. For serious mishaps like personal accidents, the subsequent hospitalisation and medical charges are also covered up to various limits. Make sure you pick the right cover for yourself before you pack your bags and head out. Happy travel!

Disclaimer: This article has been authored by Siddharth Parwatay, a Mumbai based independent tech-journalist, editor, and content-creator. Axis Bank doesn't influence any views of the author in any way. Axis Bank and/or the author shall not be responsible for any direct / indirect loss or liability incurred by the reader for taking any financial decisions based on the contents and information. Please consult your financial advisor before making any financial decision.


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