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Commercial Credit Cards

Central Travel Account Card

CTA is a centralized billing and payment solution offered to companies to streamline their air and related travel requirements


Centralized Billing & Payment Account solution

Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution Process

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Cover up to ₹ 2,00,00,000

Unique MIS

Enhanced Data received from CTA Expense Management Tool

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  • Eligibility and Documentation

  • Fees and Charges

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Features and Benefits

  • Centralized Billing & Payment Account
  • Card-less solution, no plastic issued
  • CTA is intended for payments to airline services
  • 24x7 online access to customized MIS reports leading to easy reconciliation
  • Easy-to-integrate with the existing accounting systems
  • Dispute management process in place for Unrecognized transaction, Fully unutilized ticket Cancellations and Duplicate billing resolution.
  • Provides detailed air-travel related charges in a clear and concise monthly statement
  • All travel spends consolidated on a single platform
  • Provide a source of enhanced travel data (primarily for air spend) that allows detailed reporting of where, when, and how travel is taking place, enabling spend reconciliation
  • Works on Signature on writing authorization record concept
  • Solution for both ad-hoc and frequent travelers
  • Customized reporting can be done by capturing extensive customizable fields like cost center, travel authorization number, employee ID, booking reference and many more for data reconciliation
  • Customized MIS reports and Spend Analysis for better business decisions
  • Minimizes paperwork and simplifying reconciliation and compliance tasks
Insurance Central Travel Account (Value in INR)
PA - Air Accident 2,00,00,000
Checked Baggage Loss 30,000
Baggage Delay 30,000
Loss of Baggage 30,000
Missing of connecting International flight during Transit 10,000
Delay in Flight 10,000

*Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Simplifies Payments by settlement through a single monthly payment
  • Data is accessible online allowing for greater control over the procurement process
  • Supports in enforcement of company travel policy
  • Tracks spends through a single mechanism and helps to negotiate potentially preferential terms with regular suppliers
  • Effective tracking & visibility to cancellation refunds
  • Easy Reconciliation by reducing the time you spend in reconciliation of corporate travel expenses
  • Greater Control by Negotiating travel contracts based on accurate, concise information
Dedicated relationship manager and support infrastructure to ensure the success of the web based program

Eligibility and Documentation

Fees and Charges

Download Forms

Download Forms

Download Forms


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