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How to manage your credit card

EMI Facility
Manage your Credit Card via SMS

Now you can inquire about your Credit Card payments, PlusPoints balance, Card Account balance and available balance anytime, anywhere.

SMS following short codes to 5676782 along with the last four digits of your credit card number:

  For last payment amount & date –
  For PlusPoint balance –
  For credit card outstanding balance –
  For available balance –

The service can be availed with the mobile number registered with Axis Bank.

To know more, call Customer Care at 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555


Keep Track of Mailing Schedules

  • If you do not receive your Axis Bank Credit Card/ Statement on the scheduled date, call the bank immediately.
  • Keep track of your Credit Card expiry date.
  • Incase of non-receipt; please ensure with the Bank that the dispatch is being done to your correct mailing address.

Prevent Misuse

  • As soon as you receive your new Credit Card, sign on the signature panel.
  • Destroy your old Credit Card by cutting it diagonally through the chip and magnetic stripe.
  • Report loss of your Credit Card immediately to the Axis Bank Customer Care Center.
  • Do not handover your Credit Card to anyone other than the merchant when making a payment.

Safe Storage

  • Keep your Credit Card in the same place in your wallet/purse, so that you notice immediately if it is missing. Do not leave it anywhere else.
  • Keep a copy of your Credit Card details and PIN number in a safe place. Do not keep this information in your purse/wallet.
  • Do not write your PIN on your Credit Card.

Safety while Shopping

  • Ensure the merchant processes the transaction(s) in your presence.
  • Ensure he/she does NOT note down your Credit Card number, CVV number or swipe your Credit Card twice, or swipe your credit card on any other device other than a cash register/card processing terminal. Do not sign an incomplete charge slip.
  • Collect your Credit Card immediately after the transaction is complete.
  • Verify that the Credit Card is yours, once it is returned to you.

If you have any girevances/complaints, click here

Chip and PIN enabled cards

CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Cards are highly advanced Credit Cards which offer you improved security and fraud protection. Here are some quick FAQs on the advanced CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Cards to help you get started.

What is a CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card?

Traditionally, Cards store and transact data using a magnetic stripe only, which is located at the rear side of your Card. A CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card is a more evolved version and is additionally equipped with an embedded CHIP that is capable of storing and transacting data in an encrypted format. A pin is encrypted on the chip which is only known to the card holder.

Why do I need a CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card?

The CHIP present in your Card makes it far more reliable and secure, as compared to the traditional magnetic stripe Cards. By storing data in a tamper-proof encrypted format, the CHIP protects your Card against security threats such as Skimming or Counterfeiting, thereby offering the highest level of security for your Card.

Also, domestic & international purchase transactions made at retail outlets using your Card, also known as Point of Sale (PoS) transactions, are usually validated solely by signing on the charge slip. However, the PIN feature on your Card enables you to additionally validate/authorize all your PoS transactions by entering your Card's ATM PIN as well, making them more secure

Why does my new CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card still have a magnetic stripe at the back?

Merchants require payment terminals to be equipped with PIN authentication support to facilitate payments through your new CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card. While many merchants are equipping their sales counters with PIN authentication enabled POS terminals, there are some merchants who do not have such terminals yet. You can, however, still make payments at these merchant outlets using the magnetic stripe in your Card. Besides, you will also require the magnetic stripe in your Card for all your ATM transactions.

I understand CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Cards offer me the highest level of security. But how do I use it?

Just like a magnetic stripe Card, your CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card too can be used at the merchant's payment terminals directly. Instead of swiping the Card, merchants will now have to "Dip" your Card into a CHIP reader slot, as demonstrated in the info graphic below. Accordingly, paying through your CHIP and PIN enabled Credit Card will now be a 3-step process:

Do I need to enter my Credit Card ATM PIN for all purchase transactions?

Although implementation of the PIN security feature will begin by October, it is expected to happen in a phased manner. Therefore, you may be prompted to enter your ATM PIN only at some terminals.

But on all the terminals where you are prompted for a PIN, it is mandatory for you to enter your ATM PIN. If you fail to do so, your transaction will be declined by the bank.

How do I ensure that my Credit Card ATM PIN is not misused?

To avoid any misuse of your ATM PIN, please enter the PIN yourself on the POS terminal and do not reveal the same to the merchants or anyone else. Also, it is advisable to take a few necessary precautions while entering your PIN, as mentioned below:

  • Make sure that nobody (salesmen or other customers) is overlooking the POS terminal while you enter your PIN
  • Verify that there are no CCTV cameras directed towards the PIN-pad while you enter your PIN
What If I enter the incorrect Credit Card ATM PIN while completing the purchase transaction?

If you enter an incorrect ATM PIN, your purchase transaction will be declined by the bank. Entering an incorrect ATM PIN in 3 successive attempts in a day* (either at ATM or at POS) will temporarily block your card for that day. Your ATM PIN will get unblocked automatically within 24 hours.

*For the purpose of ATM PIN blocking, a day is recorded as starting at 4:00:00 AM and ending at 3:59:59 AM the following day. For example, if you happen to enter a wrong ATM PIN thrice in a day, your card will be automatically unblocked by 4:00 AM the following day

What if I do not have an ATM PIN?

If you do not have your ATM PIN or have forgotten it, you can easily get a duplicate one by calling on our Phone Banking numbers listed below

Phone Banking numbers: 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555

What about international PoS transactions?

The PIN feature is currently implemented only in a few countries outside India, like UK and Turkey. In all other countries, you may not be required to enter your ATM PIN for authenticating POS transactions, unless the POS terminal specifically prompts for entering a PIN for completing the transaction.

Make IVR Transactions Securely

IVR Transactions Dual Authentication Process

The IVR Dual Authentication process is to provide you with an added level of security for all IVR transactions carried out on your Axis Bank Credit Card with effect from 1st February, 2011. All Credit Card related IVR transactions will now be processed only after you provide your onetime IVR Transaction Password (OTP). You can generate your OTP through any one of the following ways:

  • 1. Generate a Pre-OTP:
    • You need to generate the OTP before the transaction. To generate your Pre-OTP, SMS AXIS Last 4 digits of card number to 5676798
    • The SMS should be sent only from the Mobile Number registered with the Bank
    • You will receive your OTP via SMS on your registered mobile number
    • Key in this one time password in the IVR to authenticate your transaction when prompted

Alternatively you can,

  • 2. Generate an Instant OTP:
    • When you call an IVR merchant for payment over phone, you will be directed to an automated IVR system
    • Key in your Credit Card details, expiry date and other details as required on the IVR
    • A one-time password will be sent to the mobile number registered with the Bank
    • Key in this one time password in the IVR to authenticate your transaction when prompted

For Add-on Credit Cards, the Instant OTP will be sent to the primary cardholder's mobile number. OTP will be sent to your mobile via SMS. This will not affect other operations or transactions on your credit card in any way. Please Note: To avoid any inconvenience please ensure that your correct mobile number has been updated in our records. For more information kindly call our Customer Service at 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
  • What is an IVR transaction?
    Interactive Voice Response transaction (IVR) is a transaction carried out over phone for purchase of goods and services. Payment to the vendor is made by entering Credit Card number and expiry date, on the automated system.
  • In what way will the Dual Authentication Process affect the way I carry out an IVR transaction on my Credit Card?
    In Dual Authentication Process, you would be required to enter a one-time IVR transaction password (OTP) (in addition to other card details) to transact on the IVR Platform w.e.f. February 1, 2011.
  • Can I use the same IVR transaction password for every transaction? No. The password is dynamic. A new password will be required every time you transact.
  • How long will my OTP password be valid: Your Pre-OTP is valid for upto 4 hours. i.e. you need to complete your transaction within 4 hours of generation of OTP
  • I did not get my Instant OTP. What could be the reason? What should I do in this case? Instant OTP is merchant specific. That is, your merchant should have the technological capability of sending an Instant OTP. If you do not get an Instant OTP, try generating a pre-OTP.

How to claim insurance for your Credit Card

Zero lost card liability

If your Credit Card from Axis Bank ever gets lost or stolen, you are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions up to the Insured amount from the moment you report the loss to Axis Bank Customer Service or through the VISA Global Service helpline, if overseas.

The insurance is not valid for Internet and ATM transactions.

Axis Bank will arrange to replace your card within 7 working days after you put a request for card replacement at our Customer Service. If you recover your card after you have reported its loss, please do not attempt to use it. Instead, please destroy the card by cutting it into several pieces through the magnetic strip.

How to Claim

  • Report loss of card to Axis Bank Customer Service immediately
  • You are required to file an FIR with the Police for the lost/stolen card
  • Fill up the Insurance Claim form and the dispute form and send it to the address mentioned in the form along with the requisite documents

With effect from July 13, 2013, the Lost Card Liability Cover has been revised for My Zone, My Choice, Platinum, Titanium, Gold & Silver Credit Cards.

Credit Shield

Credit Shield covers your near and dear ones from the repayment burden in an unfortunate event of loss of life of the primary cardholder due to an Accident.

How to Claim

  • Nominee has to report Death of the Cardholder to Axis Bank Customer Service
  • Ask for Insurance Claim form from the Customer service executive
  • Fill up the form and send it to the address mentioned in the form along with the requisite documents
  • If the claim is approved, Insurance Company will issue cheque in favour of Axis Bank. Axis Bank will credit the approved claim amount to your Card account (subject to maximum cover)

With effect from July 13, 2013, Credit Shield Cover has been withdrawn from the Infinite & Signature/Wealth Signature Credit Card

Air Accident Cover

In the unfortunate event of loss of life due to Air Accident, your nominee will receive the benefits of accident insurance.

Please ensure that you have submitted your insurance nomination form for smooth processing of the claim. Download the Nomination Form. Kindly fill up the form and send it to the address mentioned in the form.

How to Claim

  • Nominee has to report Death of the Cardholder to Axis Bank Customer Service
  • Nominee has to fill up the claim form and send it to the address mentioned in the form along with the requisite documents. The form can be obtained by calling our Customer Service.
  • If the claim is approved, Insurance Company will issue cheque in favour of Axis Bank. Axis Bank will issue the cheque in favour of the nominee(subject to maximum cover).

With effect from Mar 1, 2011, Air Accident cover is being withdrawn on Platinum Advantage Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, Easy Platinum Advantage Credit Card, Easy Platinum Credit Card and Corporate Credit Cards.

Purchase Protection: Only on Axis Bank Infinite & Signature Credit Cards

Protection against fire or burglary within 90 days of purchases made on the Credit Card and needs to be mandatorily supported with an FIR. Gross negligence on part of the customer leading to loss will not be covered.

Cover against Standard Fire and Allied perils in residential premises of the cardholder as per the records of the Bank only. Cover valid for Burglary of goods purchased on Bank credit cards only

  • Jewellery, perishable items are not covered
  • Earthquake, Terrorism is not covered
  • Mysterious disappearance is not covered

Available for the period of 90 days on purchase of tangible goods on card against damage or loss.Geographical Limit : India

How to Claim

  • You are required to file an FIR with the Police for the lost/stolen goods
  • Proof of goods purchased on Credit Card required
  • Fill up the Insurance Claim form and the dispute form and send it to the address mentioned in the form along with the requisite documents
Terms and Conditions
  • In addition to Terms and Conditions as may be stipulated by the company providing Insurance Cover / facilities, the following Terms and Conditions shall govern such insurance cover.
  • Insurance covers may vary from Card to Card. The Card member understands that he/she is required to check and understand the specific complimentary insurance cover provided to the Card member under the specific Axis Bank Card / Co-branded Card / Corporate Card.
  • The Card member specifically understands that any complimentary insurance cover / facilities provided on any card, if any, might not be available for any one or more specific category / type of Card.
  • The complimentary insurance cover may be available only to Axis Bank card members who have transacted on the card for a Purchase / Cash Advance / EMI / Payment transaction, at least once, within 90 days prior to the day of occurrence of the incidence, for which the insurance claim is being made. Inactive cards (Cards that have been inactive as aforesaid for 90 days or more) and Cards that are overdue for payment will not qualify for the complimentary insurance covers. Air Accident cover is applicable only if the ticket has been booked using your Axis Bank Credit Card.
  • Insurance covers are not provided by Axis Bank. Exclusions / limitations are applicable as per policies issued by the concerned insurance company. The card member specifically acknowledges that Axis Bank will not be liable in any manner whatsoever by virtue of any insurance cover provided, whether or not the premium for such insurance cover is paid by the card member. The card member acknowledges that the concerned insurance company will be solely liable, for all such insurance related claims / matters and the Card member shall not hold the Bank responsible for any matter arising out of or in connection with such insurance cover, whether for or in respect of any deficiency or defect in such insurance cover, recovery or payment of compensation, processing or settlement of claims or otherwise howsoever, and all such matters shall be addressed to and sorted out directly with the concerned insurance company and to the exclusion of Axis Bank and no communication in this regard will be entertained by Axis Bank. However, there could be specific exceptions to the aforesaid for certain insurance covers offered wherein Axis Bank may assist (but not obliged to) in informing about and collecting claim documentation and these can be communicated at the time of selling such insurance covers.
  • The Card member acknowledges that the insurance cover so provided will be available to the Card member only as per the terms of the relevant insurance policy in force, and only so long as the Card member is and remains a Card member of Axis Bank with his Account being maintained in good standing, and on the Card membership being withdrawn (whether temporarily or permanently)for whatever reason, the benefit of such insurance cover shall automatically and ipso facto cease to be available from such date of cessation of card membership. Further, the Card member also agrees that even during the continuation of his Card membership, Axis Bank may at any time (in its sole discretion and without giving any notice thereof to the Card member or assigning any reason thereof) suspend, withdraw or cancel the benefit of such insurance cover, and there will be no binding obligation on Axis Bank to continue this benefit.
  • The insurance benefits provided are as per the Terms and Conditions of the policies effected with the concerned insurance company. The Card member acknowledges that Axis Bank reserves the right to add, change, modify or completely withdraw any or all benefits provided with notice to the Card member.

Card Protection Plan

Axis Bank in association with CPP Assistance Services (P) Ltd. provides you, India's first comprehensive card protection service. With CPP on your Axis Bank Credit Card, you can now protect all your cards and important documents in the event of loss, theft, fraud and emergencies. If any unfortunate event like card loss or theft happens to you anywhere in the world, all that you need to do is call CPP's 24-hour helpline, to report loss of card(s). You might have lost your wallet or cards but CPP ensures that you don’t lose peace of mind.


  • One call to block all your lost or stolen cards
  • Fraud protection - 15 days Pre Notification
  • Free replacement of Loss Pan Card
  • SIM Blocking & IMEI registration service
  • Emergency Cash Advance Facility (in India only)
  • Emergency Travel & Hotel Assistance
  • Valuable Document Registration


  • One call to block all your lost or stolen cards: No matter in which geographic location you are, all you need to do is to make one free call to CPP 24 hour helpline. CPP will notify all issuing banks and will ask them to block all the cards registered with CPP. Additionally CPP also assists you to get them replaced.

    CPP's 24-hour helpline is 6000-4000
    Emergency Toll Free no 1800-419-4000
    Emergency International no. is 91 921244-4000
  • Fraud protection: All your cards are protected from any kind of fraudulent transaction. This protection begins 15 days prior to the loss/stolen report. You needn't worry about the misuse of your lost or stolen credit, debit or ATM cards.
  • Free replacement of Loss Pan Card: In the event of loss of Pan Card, CPP will help you obtain replacement Of PAN card free of cost. They will liaise with you to send the necessary documents required to facilitate the replacement.s details.
  • Emergency Cash Advance Facility: If your cash is lost or stolen along with your cards, CPP will facilitate an emergency cash advance, in India only.
  • Emergency Travel & Hotel Assistance: If you lose your wallet while you are travelling, CPP will facilitate payment of your hotel bills through its authorized dealers. If you lose your travel tickets along with your wallet, CPP will facilitate replacement of travel tickets, so that you can return home.
  • Valuable Document Registration: You can register details of your valuable documents such as driving licence, insurance certificates etc., with CPP. CPP will hold these details safe, should you ever need to provide these details when the originals are not at hand. If your passport is lost or stolen while you are abroad, CPP will help you with the details required for notifications that you need to make and provide you with contact details of nearest Indian Embassy for your convenience.
  • F-Secure Internet Security (One subscription per CPP Membership): Comprehensive internet security solution powered and owned by F-Secure. This software once installed on your PC will provide complete security to your banking transactions.

Plan Details:

Plan Benefits Premium Plan Platinum Plan
Single Call to Block All Cards Yes Yes
Fraud Protection Prior to Notification (Rs.) 200,000 300,000
Maximum Limit per Card (Rs.) No Limit No Limit
Emergency Cash in India (Rs.) 20,000 20,000
Emergency Advance for Hotels Overseas (Rs.) 120,000 160,000
Emergency Advance for Hotels in India (Rs.) 60,000 80,000
Replacement Travel Ticket Advance Overseas (Rs.) 120,000 160,000
Replacement Travel Ticket Advance in India (Rs.) 60,000 80,000
F-Secure Internet Security Yes Yes
No. of members part of the Plan 2 (Primary + Spouse) 4 (Primary + Spouse+ Parents)
Other Benefits SMS to Talk  SMS to Talk 
Single case officer Single case officer
Free PAN Card Replacement Yes Yes
Cost Yearly premium- (Rs.) 1999 2499

Card Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.


Axis Bank does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, materials, services or the reliability of any service, advice, opinion, statement or other information displayed or distributed by CPP Assistance Services (P) Ltd. Neither Axis Bank nor any of its affiliates nor their directors, officers and employees will be liable to or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss that you incur in the event of any deficiency in the services of CPP Assistance Services (P) Ltd. This product is brought to you by CPP Assistance Services (P) Ltd. Axis Bank is a payment mechanism for this product and will not encourage any complaints/claim requests for this product. One of the features offered is linked to Insurance. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

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