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Commercial Credit Cards

Corporate Card with Joint &
Several Liability

A virtual card that makes hassle-free instant payments
to vendors for every transaction made

Airport Lounge Access

Complimentary lounge access at select airports in India

Choice of Liability

Choose between Corporate Liability and Individual Liability

Customised Card

Fourth line embossing of the company's name

Unique MIS

Management Information System to help keep track of every transaction

Features and Benefits

Axis Bank's Corporate Card offers the best travel and expense management solution to corporates with global acceptance and customized solutions.

The Axis Bank Corporate Card has two liability options:

  • Corporate Liability: Corporate Liability Corporate Cards are an effective way of managing travel policies and negotiating preferential terms with key suppliers. These cards are issued after credit assessment of the corporate; who in turn defines the limit on individual cards. The corporate bears the liability for the entire outstanding amount on the cards. The payment is made directly to the bank once a month instead of multiple payments to individual employees/suppliers. Exposure risk of the Corporate is mitigated by the fact that the card is a charge card wherein the full payment is to be made at the end of each month with no revolve allowed on the outstanding.
  • Individual Liability:Individual Liability Cards based on the same lines as the personal credit cards are an effective way for the employees to keep their personal and official expenses separate while at the same time simplifying the reimbursement process. Individual employees are assessed for assignment of credit limit on each card and are solely liable for the payment of spends done on the card.
  • Joint & Several Liabilities:Corporate Credit Card with Joint & Several Liabilities is an effective way of managing travel policies and negotiating preferential terms with key suppliers. As the name suggests, these cards are issued after credit assessment of the corporate and individuals. The corporate as well as the individuals bear the liability for the entire outstanding amount on the cards.
Complimentary lounge access at select airports in India To view the terms and conditions, click here
Manage and control travel and entertainment expenses easily with assigned individual employee spending limits
Keep track of expenditure and negotiate discounts with vendors while managing employee compliance with corporate travel policies backed with vendor level organisational spend Management Information System
Cards can be customised with fourth line embossing of the company’s name, for better association with employees
Buy airline tickets or book hotel rooms online, for significantly lower costs
Accumulate 1000 PlusPoints to redeem exciting offers and gift vouchers Click here to view the rewards catalogue for corporate cards
Swipe your Axis Bank Corporate Card at petrol pumps to get a waiver on surcharge for a minimum transaction of Rs. 400, and maximum transaction of Rs. 4,000*
*No Reward Points are earned on fuel transactions made using your Axis Bank Credit Card
No refund is provided for service tax charged on the surcharge
Covers Amount (INR)
Lost card Liability including Counterfiet 3,00,000
Credit Shield 5,00,000
Checked Baggage Loss 30,000
Baggage Delay 30,000
Loss of Baggage 30,000
PA - Air Accident Death 4,50,00,000

Terms and conditions apply

A unique online MIS provides the most current and accurate information on all transactions to aid better analysis and decision making. Features include:
  • Immediate and efficient expense reporting system, claim settlement methods and reporting procedures
  • Detailed reports to better control and reduce procurement expenses
  • More than 100 schedules and interactive reports
  • Spending analysis by time department, cost centre and supplier analysis
  • Flexible data extracts capabilities
  • Ability to restrict access at all user levels



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