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Debit Card with PIN Authentication

Debit Card with PIN Authentication: Online shopping is much easier for you. No need to wait for One Time Password (OTP) or to generate 3D secure PIN. Simply use ATM/Debit Card PIN at below merchants and complete the transaction successfully.

Features & Benefits

Use your ATM PIN for making online purchases on Debit Card.

  • New Payment option using Axis Bank Debit Card
  • ATM PIN can be used for two-factor authentication on ecommerce transaction
  • The feature is enabled for all Axis Bank Debit Cards excluding RuPay Cards
  • Standard fees will be levied on Debit Card with ATM PIN transaction for select merchant like IRCTC.
List of Merchants enabled

Click here to view the Merchant list enabled for Debit With Pin Transaction

Payment Process

Payment Process on Merchant website

  • Visit the merchant web site forOnline Transaction
  • Select the product and proceed for payment, using the Debit card option
  • Enter Axis Bank Debit Card details, such as card number, expiry date, cardholder’s name, CVV, and capcha (if required)
  • Select the “verify by PIN” option
  • A separate page will be displayed; enter - ATM PIN to process the transaction
  • If the details entered are correct, the transaction will get authenticated successfully.
  • Where would the customer find the payment option through ATM Pin Debit Card on the merchant Website?
    This may vary from merchant to merchant, below are two standard formats that appear on the payment page:
    • Under the payment section as “Verify with ATM Pin” / “ATM PIN Debit Card”.
    • Under debit card payment option, you can opt to “Verify with ATM Pin”.
    This option will allow to authenticate payment through the Axis Bank Debit Card ATM Pin.
  • What are the fees for doing the Payment through ATM Pin Axis Debit Card?
    There are no extra service fees levied except for transactions done on IRCTC for which the fee is Rs.10+ service Tax (14%) is the Flat fee charged per transaction.
  • Will there be any other option of payment through Axis Bank Debit Card provided on merchant website?
    Yes, the customer has an alternate option of making the payment through Axis Bank Debit Card with 3Dsecure password/ one time password. Also, customer can make the payment using Axis Bank credit card, internet banking, UPI, mobile banking.
  • What should customer do incase of any technical issues faced during transaction?
    Customer can call 24*7 customer service at 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555.
  • While initiating the transaction if the customer enters the wrong Pin thrice
    The customer’s card will get blocked for that particular day. The card blocking is as per Bank’s policy.
  • What is the process of Refund request?
    All the refund request should be addressed to merchant’s customer care. Once the request is received at Merchant end, Merchant would further send the refund request to the Bank to process the payment to the customer.
  • What is the refund amount received to the Customer incase the customer’s account is debited and service is not rendered
    The merchant will share the refund request to the bank for crediting back the transaction amount (including fee and service tax) to the customer. Bank will process the request accordingly.
  • Can a customer call bank for raising transaction disputes with Merchant?
    Incase of any disputes, the customer needs to call Axis Bank customer service and raise the dispute request to the Bank. The customer will have to fill the dispute form and share it to the Bank with the issue and card details. The request will be shared with merchant for resolving the issue.
  • Incase the customer forgets his ATM Pin, how would the customer authenticate the transaction
    The customer can reset his ATM Pin through any existing process such as Insta Pin, IVR, or ATM. He can also choose to complete the payment through alternate payment options such as VBV/MSC password or through Internet Banking.
  • What is the identification of the transaction done through a VBV/MSC password or through his ATM Pin?
    The below narration would appear in the customer statement.
    a. VerifiedByVisa/MastercardSecureCode Option - ECOMPUR/IRCTC/Mumbai/150914/18:53
    b. ATM PIN Option - ECOMPUR/IRCTC/APIN/Mumbai/150914/18:53

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