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Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Home Loan Eligibility FAQs

The following individuals above the age of 21 years are eligible to apply for Axis Bank Home Loans:

  • Salaried individuals
  • Professionals
  • Self-employed

Check the complete house loan eligibility criteria here.

To be able to get a home loan sanctioned, you must first find out about the home loan eligibility criteria of Axis Bank. You must check your eligibility by using our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator. This easy-to-use online tool will help you understand your eligibility depending on your income and repayment capacity.

Banks and other financial institutions usually do not offer 100% home loans. To get a loan, the applicant must put down at least a certain percentage of the total property amount. Typically, the lenders can offer you a loan between 75-90% of the property value.

Some of the significant factors determining home loan eligibility at Axis Bank include:

  • Income of applicant(s)
  • Age of the primary applicant
  • Number of dependents
  • Employment status
  • Assets and existing debt obligations
  • Credit score and history

Home loan eligibility depends primarily on the borrower's income, expenses, creditworthiness, etc. Home loan lenders, including banks, consider these factors before offering loans. Generally, banks do not offer a loan for which the EMI would be more than 50% to 60% of the borrower's monthly income. However, it may be case specific. Hence it would be best to use the home loan amount eligibility calculator to determine your eligibility.

To get your loan sanctioned as early as possible, ensure you submit all the required documents. Different documents are required during sanctioning and loan disbursement process. Click here for the entire document checklist.

Axis Bank home loan approval process includes:
Step 1: Meeting with Axis Bank Loan Executive
Step 2: Submission of home loan application form and documents
Step 3: After review, get sanction information
Step 4: Submit property documents
Step 5: Review by Axis Bank's legal and technical team
Step 6: Confirmation of home loan approval
Step 7: Loan disbursed

Axis Bank requires a few basic documents to get your home loan sanctioned. You can check the list of documents required for sanction and disbursement here.

Yes, you can get a home loan without filing the ITR if the income is below the taxable limit. Alternatively, you can apply for a home loan with a co-applicant or a lower home loan amount without ITR.

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