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Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for Home Loan

Embarking on the journey to homeownership begins with understanding the documents required for Home Loan. By preparing your Home Loan documents meticulously, you set the stage for a straightforward and efficient loan application process.

Home Loan Eligibility FAQs

To avail of a Home Loan without an ITR, Axis Bank requires alternative documents demonstrating your income and creditworthiness. This could include recent salary slips, bank statements, and employment proof for salaried individuals. For self-employed individuals, other forms of financial documentation may be required, such as profit and loss statements or audited balance sheets​

It is not typically possible to get a Home Loan with absolutely no documents as lenders need to verify your identity, income, creditworthiness, and the details of the property you wish to purchase. Some form of documentation will always be required.

To reduce your Housing Loan EMIs, you might consider submitting income documents that showcase increased earnings or financial stability. This could potentially qualify you for better loan terms, including lower interest rates. A higher income demonstrated through documents like salary slips or an increased salary can lead to lower EMIs.

The language of the registration document for a Home Loan should be in the official language of the state where the transaction is taking place or in English. It's important that the language used is one that all parties understand and that it adheres to legal requirements​

Axis Bank has a set of essential documents required for Home Loan approval. However, the exact number of documents can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the borrower. There might be some flexibility if you have a strong banking relationship or an excellent credit history.

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