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Own your home in the national capital – Delhi, with Axis Bank Home Loans.

Home Loan in Delhi

Owning a capital in the national capital is a dream that can be attainable by availing a Home Loan in Delhi. Before applying for one, knowing about Home Loan interest rates in Delhi is key, as securing a favourable deal can substantially lighten the financial load. It renders homeownership in this vibrant city more accessible, allowing individuals to invest in their future wisely. This approach not only facilitates a step towards personal asset building but also ensures a foothold in one of India's most dynamic cities.

Delhi – A world in itself

Delhi is one of the world's oldest cities, with a history that stretches from the Mughals to the British. Today, it's a bustling metropolis with a unique mix of the old and new. Here, ancient culture and modern life come together. With historical sites, busy markets, and modern transport, Delhi has everything you need for a good life. It's a city that offers a mix of a rich past, a dynamic present and a beautiful future.

Features and benefits of buying a home in Delhi with Axis Bank Home Loans

Securing a home in Delhi, a city with a robust real estate market is a significant investment decision. Axis Bank aligns with your ambitions by offering competitive Home Loan rates, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Delhi's residents.

Key features of Home Loans in Delhi:

  • Competitive rates: Enjoy some of the most favourable Home Loan rates in Delhi, reducing the burden on your finances.
  • Diverse options: Whether you prefer the stability of fixed rates or the flexibility of floating rates, we have options to suit your preferences.
  • Easy accessibility: Secure a reliable Home Loan in Delhi through our user-friendly online and offline channels.
  • Efficient process: Our process is designed for quick, clear, and hassle-free loan approval and disbursement.
  • No hidden fees: Choose a floating interest rate Home Loan and make prepayments without additional charges.
  • Extended tenures: Opt for up to 30-year loan tenure, making your EMIs smaller and manageable.
  • Wide range: Apply for loans starting from ₹3 lakh up to ₹5 crore to match your finances.

Eligibility criteria to avail of Axis Bank Home Loan in Delhi

Axis Bank Home Loan eligibility is evaluated based on age, financial health, current financial obligations, and credit track record. Increase your eligibility criteria by:

Learn more about Axis Bank Home Loan Eligibility Criteria.

  • Opting for a co-borrowed loan application
  • Choosing a longer repayment period
  • Settling any pending debts
  • Sustaining a strong credit score, preferably over 750
  • Revealing all supplementary income sources

Documents required to get Axis Bank Home Loan in Delhi

For securing a Home Loan from Axis Bank in Delhi, the requisite submissions include:

  • A duly filled application form along with the PAN Card, passport, and Aadhaar card for identification.
  • Residential proof, such as an Aadhaar card or utility bills.
  • Proof of income, which varies for salaried and self-employed applicants.
  • Necessary documents of the property are to be furnished before the disbursal of the loan.
  • Refer here for a comprehensive list of required documents.

Home Loan interest rates in Delhi

Unlock your dream home in the heart of Delhi with Axis Bank's Home Loan interest rates. Stay updated on the most recent rates to make knowledgeable choices regarding your Home Loan.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Efficiently navigate Delhi's property market with the Axis Bank Home Loan EMI calculator It aids in financial planning by offering precise estimates for your EMI, a must-have due to Delhi's high real estate prices. Keep abreast of your expected repayments and make well-informed Home Loan decisions. This ensures you are fully equipped to tackle the financial aspects of purchasing property in Delhi's dynamic real estate scene.

How to avail of Axis Bank Home Loan in Delhi?

Unlock the door to your dream home in Delhi by choosing Axis Bank's Home Loan. Benefit from our dedicated service at each step, backed by our proficient team and technology:

  • Apply online: Initiate your application with a simple click
  • Branch assistance: Visit your nearest branch for personal support.
  • Telephone service: Dial 1-860-419-5555, 1-860-500-5555, or 1-800-103-5577.
  • SMS application: Text 'home' to 5676782 for swift Home Loan processing.

How to apply for a Home Loan Online in Delhi?

To apply for a Home Loan online at Axis Bank in Delhi, follow these steps:

  • Visit Axis Bank's Home Loan page:
  • Access the page and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill in the application form: Complete the application with your personal and financial details.
  • Document submission: Upload necessary KYC documents for identity and financial status verification.
  • Await loan sanction: The bank processes your application and sanctions the loan subject to document verification.
  • Submit property documents: Provide property documents for further checks.
  • Loan approval: Typically, approval occurs within 15 days, given all documents are provided.
  • Acceptance: Review and accept the loan terms in the sanction letter.


Axis Bank's Home Loan interest rates in Delhi start from 8.70% p.a. for salaried individuals and 9.10% p.a. for self-employed. Home Loan interest rates in Delhi can vary based on factors like credit score and loan amount​.

If you have a low credit score, getting a Home Loan in Delhi is possible but may come with higher interest rates or require a larger down payment to offset the risk for the lender.

You cannot avail of 100% financing for a Home Loan as banks typically require a down payment, which could range from 10% to 25% of the property's value, depending on the loan amount, credit score and type of property.

When applying for a Home Loan, you do not need to provide any additional security or collateral, as the property itself serves as security.

With a salary of ₹75,000, the loan amount you can get will depend on various factors, including your other financial obligations. Banks usually allow EMIs up to 50-60% of your monthly income. To know how much loan amount you can get and the exact monthly repayment, use Axis Bank's Home Loan Eligibility Calculator.

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