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SMS Banking Instructions and Keywords

Mobile Banking is now easier than ever with Axis Bank’s SMS Banking. By following the SMS banking instructions and keywords, you can do everything from Balance Enquiry to updating your PAN number. These instructions and keywords are easy to follow and bring the facilities of a bank to your fingertips.

To receive information on your account, send an SMS with the specified keyword to SMS Banking numbers.
SMS Banking Numbers are 5676782 or 9717000002.

Kindly note following points before sending an SMS:

  • All the below-mentioned SMS requests should be sent through the registered mobile number only.
  • The keywords are NOT case-sensitive.
  • Please do NOT type the pointed or square brackets in your SMS.
  • There should be a single space between each word in the syntax.
  • For the account number, you can either type the full 15 digits or only the last three digits except for the CUSTID keyword where full 15 digit account number is necessary
  • Details within pointer brackets "<",">" are mandatory values to be provided by the user
  • Details enclosed in square brackets "[","]" are optional parameters.
  • SMS charges as specified by your operator will apply for the SMS requests sent by you.
  • NRI Customers- Please send the SMS request to +919717000002

The keywords and their syntax for SMS Requests are given below:

RequestSMS MessageInformation
Balance Enquiry BAL [account-number]

BAL 123
Gives you the balance for the specified account number. The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, you will get the balance in your primary account.
Last 3 transactions MINI [account-number]

MINI 123
Gives you the last three transactions in the specified account. The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, then returns last three transactions in your primary account.
To download Mobile App MBANK Helps you to download the new mobile application. You will receive a link to download the same.
To locate the nearest ATM ATM <Pincode>

ATM 400025
Helps you to locate the nearest ATM. PINCODE of the area where you want to locate the ATM is mandatory.
To register for E-Statement GREEN <Email Id>

Helps you to register for E-Statement. Email Id is mandatory to receive monthly E-Statement. This service is available only for Retail customers.
On-Demand E-statement ESTMT<last 5 digits of account number> <From Date> <To Date> - Dates in dd-mm-yyyy format Helps you request for E-statement via SMS. SMS must be sent from registered mobile number and E-statement will be sent only to the registered Email ID.
Update Email ID UPDATEM<valid Email ID> Helps you in updating Email ID by sending a simple SMS from registered mobile number.
To get a Cheque Book* CHQBK <Last 6 digit of a/c No.>

Helps you to send a request for Cheque Book. The last 6 digit of the Account Number is mandatory.
Cheque Status Enquiry CHQST <6 digit of Cheque No.> <Last 6 digit of the A/c No.> Gives you the status of your cheque
Stop Cheque Request STOPCHQ<6 digit of Cheque No.> <Last 6 digit of the A/c No.> <3 digit reason code>

Reason Code
019 - Cheque Book lost
020 - Cheque Book mutilated
021 - Cheque Book stolen
022 - Cheque forged
023 - Cheque lost
018 - Cheque Book not received
016 - Others
017 - Wrong amount spelt
Helps you to stop your cheque from being encashed
Prepaid Mobile Recharge MOBILE < mobile number > < operator name > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bank acct no. > Recharges your prepaid Mobile instantly. The details within “ < ”, “ > ” are mandatory.
Prepaid DTH Recharge DTH < Customer ID > < operator name > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bank acct no.> Recharges your DTH Connection instantly. The details within “ < ”, “ > ” are mandatory.
Prepaid Data Card Recharge DATA < Data card number > < operator > < amount > < last 6 digits of your axis bankacct no.> Recharges your prepaid Data Card instantly. The details within “ < ”, “ > ” are mandatory.
Know your MMID (For IMPS transactions) MMID Gives you the MMID. MMID is used for transferring funds using IMPS. This service is available only for Retail customers.Know more
To update PAN number  PAN <Pan number>  < Customer ID > Helps you update PAN number in your Customer ID.
To know your Projected Average Balance For Projected Average Monthly Balance SMS:PAMB < last 6 digits of AC no. >

For Projected Average Quarterly Balance SMS:PAQB < last 6 digits of AC no. >

For Projected Average Half Yearly Balance SMS:PHAB < last 6 digits of AC no. >
Projected Average Balance are calculated based on your yesterday's balance. It is assumed in calculations that you will maintain the same level of balance till the end of the period.

*Cheque book charges, if any, would be applicable as per charge schedule. For charges kindly refer charge schedule.

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