From traditional trade products to bespoke finance solutions we can assist your import and export activity and help maximise your international and domestic trading potential with various product offerings.


Features &

Features & Benefits

Axis bank IBU offers

  • imgLetters of Credit (LC)/SBLC Issuance - We issue Import Letters of Credit on your behalf, favouring overseas exporters. Plus, you can use an Import LC to obtain financing for your international purchases even when the exporter cannot provide financing.
  • imgImport Financing and Trade Credit through Stand By Letter of Credit / Buyers Credit & Suppliers Credit - We provide various import financing solutions in foreign currency including buyers and suppliers’ credit at competitive rates.
  • imgRA Financing
  • imgExtending Structured obligations like BG issuance in favour of domestic beneficiary on behalf of overseas applicant

We help you in

  • imgAddressing funding gaps in cash flow and avail extended credit period subject to the working capital cycle.
  • imgAvailing cost effective financing option in foreign currency for imports.
  • imgExamining if the underlying documents are compliant with the terms of LC.
  • imgProcuring with confidence across the globe on the strength of our wide network of correspondent banking relationships.

Fee &

Fee & Charges

Please contact your Relationship Manager/ IBU Branch.


Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

As per Bank vide policy


Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per the Bank's internal policy and is subject to the Bank's discretion.