With ever increasing global trade, Corporates (both Exporters and Importers) run significant currency and interest rate risks. With increased interlinkages among global markets and the dynamic nature of markets, any adverse currency or interest rate movement can prove lethal for the Corporates. To mitigate such risks Corporates can avail hedging facility from Axis Bank.


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgWide spectrum of hedging solutions available such as Cross currency swaps, Overnight Index Swaps, Long Tenor Forwards, Options, etc.
  • imgGet access to Axis Bank's dedicated, experienced, and renowned treasury and derivative structuring desks to ascertain the best hedging solutions
  • imgBenefit from the periodical reports on global markets and the world economic outlook published by our Treasury and Economist desks
  • imgCorporates can utilize these reports to take informed strategic and day-to-day business decisions
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