NACH Debit is a mandate-based collection solution allowing corporates to pull funds (digital & physical form based) at a regular frequency as confirmed by its customers from accounts in other banks to a single account with Axis Bank. This solution gives control to pull funds from dealers/buyers and align your cash flow forecast and expectation. NACH Debit consists of Inward and Outward processing of mandates and transactions. Mandate registration is also allowed online using Net-banking and Debit-Card validations.


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgFully integrated & automated solution for transmission/registration of NACH Mandates and debit instruction initiation and returns management.
  • imgNACH physical mandate collection from client’s premises and scan-based processing.
  • imgPre-Notification to buyers & Auto retry for failed NACH debit.
  • imgScan based mandate registration via SFTP
  • imgMandate registration through mobile scanners
  • imgOnline mandate registration - Net Banking & Debit Card
  • imgAadhaar based mandate registration
  • imgDirect Integration with NPCI
  • imgReal time UMRN generation
  • imgCorporate Front end for mandate registration and transaction processing

How it works?

Set up physical and eNACH mandate registration processes for your customers
For physical NACH mandate registration, collect NACH registration forms from your customer and share with Axis Bank physically or digitally
For eNACH, enable your customers to register mandates directly through your portal / app or share registration link via email / SMS / WhatsApp. Your customers can register their mandates via Net-Banking, Debit Card or Aadhaar validation
Axis Bank shall share all mandates with NPCI for verification with customer’s bank and for generation of Unique Mandate Registration Number (UMRN)
Get quick and easy mandate registration status updates via email or by downloading from Axis Bank’s front-end
Set up transaction feed through API integration or through SFTP upload or simplified portal upload
Update and share transaction file with Axis Bank at pre-defined frequency
Axis Bank shares transaction files with NPCI for execution and customer account debit on a daily basis
Axis Bank settles collected funds in your account and shares transaction status report

Eligibility &

Frequently Asked Questions

For Collections, it is suggested to open an account with the Cash Management Banker, however it is not mandatory to open any account for pooling of Collection funds. In Payments, it is mandatory to open a current account with the Bank.

The charges depend on case to case basis. To find the most appropriate charges for your company please send an e-mail to cashmanagement@axisbank.com

After the receipt of complete documentation it takes only 2-3 working days to begin with Cash Management Services.

Individual products require different documentation. Specially designed documents to reduce your executive time spent on the documentation. You can send an email to cashmanagement@axisbank.com and we shall be happy to reply to your query.

With Axis Bank, you collections, payments and the current account can be effectively linked giving you a total control on the receivables and payment requirements.

All the specific requirements across business models can be incorporated in the MIS provided for all our Products.

The reports can be made available through Axis Bank corporate front-end portal.

Email to be shared with the respective branch / RM. Request will be processed within 72hrs if

• Request received from the registered email id

• Username, corporate id and CMS product name is correctly mentioned in the mail

• Correct email id to be shared for addition / deletion