“Power Access” is an Integrated Payment Solution (also known as Host to Host i.e. H2H) offered by Axis Bank to customers to facilitate automated payment processing by integrating directly with their ERP. The straight through processing optimised through Power Access offers significant benefits in enhanced security and greater operational efficiency to customers using the facility. Using Host-to-Host (H2H) Connectivity enables the customer to have complete control of their payment processing i.e., starting from execution of the transaction to reconciliation of the same in the ERP.


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • Compatibility
  • imgThe solution is adaptable for all types of ERP integration e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, DOT NET, Cloud Based, etc
  • imgSpecialized module with Bulk Salary processing features
  • imgSupport all file formats i.e. .txt,.csv, .xls, IDOC, XML 20022, MT 101
  • Processing
  • imgStraight through processing with reverse update directly in client ERP
  • imgProcess all Electronic and Paper based bulk printing in single payment file
  • imgStraight through reconciliation
  • imgPayment can be done to Validated Beneficiaries
  • imgMasking of Transactions and Single Debit in Salary Module
  • Flexible Integration
  • imgIntegration Kit (SFTP – Automated and Trigger Based)
  • imgWeb Service Based (SOAP Based API)
  • imgPI Based
  • imgCustom Solution for SAP ECC 6.0 and HANA
  • Security
  • imgThe data transferred is encrypted and signed
  • imgData communication is done through SFTP which uses SSH layer
  • imgIP based access for data communication
  • imgAuthorisation is as per the corporate policies
  • imgAdditional security layer for physical instrument
  • Additional Features
  • imgAlert to Authoriser sent for transactions-initiated transactions
  • imgN10 Credit confirmation for NEFT transactions
  • imgEmail Advice sent to Beneficiary with Invoice details
  • imgTransaction Expiry period defined as per customer requirement
  • imgFlexibility of linking multiple accounts and single login

Fee &

Fee & Charges

Type of ChargeHost to Host
One time Setup CostRs. 60,000/-
Monthly fixed ChargesRs.600/-
NEFT/RTGS (Per Txns)Rs.2/-
IMPS (Per Txns)
Up to INR 1000Rs.3/-
Txn. Amount Between 1001 to 25000Rs.4/-
Txn. Amount > 25000Rs.8/-

Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

  • CIB Form
  • Board Resolution
  • Authorisation Matrix
  • Offer Letter
  • Pricing Approval
  • Payments - Terms & Conditions*
  • Power Access Annexure
  • Pre-auth request letter (If Opted)

How it works?

Corporate’s ERP system generates and sends payment instructions extracted in Axis Bank format
Records made available on Bank portal
Authorizers authorize initiated payment transactions on bank’s portal
Bank’s server routes authorized requests to respective systems
Transactions sent for execution
Requests for Direct Debit/Cheque/DD printing sent to bank servers
After transaction is processed, MIS sent to Corporate/beneficiary
Reverse feed automatically updates Corporate’s ERP system at regular intervals

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download Snorkel utility from https://odysseytec.co.in/snorkel_bx_v5_clm.html


The various modes of payments supported under this system are as follows:



• Fund Transfer (Axis to Axis Transfer)


• Centralised Cheque printing/ Remote Cheque Printing

• Centralised DD Printing/ Remote DD Printing

• Cheque Printing at multiple/single location at client’s premises

No. In the case of corporate availing Cheque printing at their own location(s), the authorisation would continue to be carried out in the Straight2Axis portal but the printing activity would be carried out using separate “PayPro” software provided by the bank.

Yes. There would be a need to create ID’s with following Roles:

• One Maker and One Checker for inventory management activity

• ID’s for carrying out the printing activity

Straight2Axis portal performs best in IE version 8.0 and below. In the case of the corporate using IE 9.0, the user would need to click on the compatibility settings to make it backward compatible.

The transaction would be in queue and would be processed on the next working day as per the stipulated timelines of various payment modes.

If a transaction for physical payments is pushed with a value date/instrument date same as one of the designated holidays, the transaction would rejected by the system. In the case of electronic payments, the transactions would be processed on the next working day as per the stipulated timelines for various transaction modes.

There are two options available under the report’s menu:

• Customer Report: Reports of all customer transactions pertaining to specific dates/period can be viewed/downloaded from the portal

• Transaction Report: Filters like payment modes and Status are provided which allows corporate to view/download these reports for specific dates/period

The default expiry period is 15 days for vendor payments and 30 days for salary payments.


The transactions can be seen under “Batch Level authorization” and “Account Level Authorization”. Under both these options, two tabs will be displayed – Batch level authorisation and Individual transaction level authorisation. If a batch contains a single transaction for authorisation, the transaction will be visible under Individual Trans Level tab. If a batch contains more than one transaction, it will be visible under the Batch level tab.


Under both account level authorisation and batch level authorisation, the transaction will be visible under Individual Trans Level tab.


While downloading the reports, following status filters are available:

• Processed

• Pending

• Rejected

• Expired


The credentials would be received from Noreply.S2A@axisbank.com.


Yes. The generic helpline ID is cmscustomercare.mum@axisbank.com


All such requests need to be initiated from the e-mail ID of the e-mail ID of the user and should be sent to the helpline ID cmscustomercare.mum@axisbank.com .The credentials would again be received from the e-mail ID Noreply.S2A@axisbank.com.


If the transactions are not visible for viewing under the H2H system, the corporate should ask their IT team to check if the data has been sent to the bank’s system successfully. If the data has been sent successfully from the corporate’s end, the corporate should send the relevant logs to the bank’s helpline ID cmscustomercare.mum@axisbank.com


The corporate should send the “unique reference number”, “Beneficiary Name” and “Transaction Amount” while making an enquiry about a specific transaction. These queries should be directed to cmscustomercare.mum@axisbank.com


The relevant letter in a bank defined format, duly signed by an authorised signatory of the corporate should be submitted to the Axis bank RM/Corporate’s base branch for verification. The duly verified document would be shared by the RM/branch with the BB implementation team for further action.