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Corporates, co-operative banks and PF trusts can now securely
hold Government Securities in a paperless form

Constituent SGL Facilities

Axis Bank now offers corporates, co-operative banks and PF trusts the Constituent SGL (CSGL) facility, which allows them to hold Government Securities in a paperless form. Institutions must open a constituent SGL and a current account with a bank, in order to simplify the activity of dealing in T-Bills and securities. Provided below is a list of documents required to open the constituent SGL facilities account and current account with Axis Bank. Please contact Axis Bank’s customer care service or visit our website to learn more about the constituent SGL facilities offered by Axis Bank.

The documents required for opening the constituent SGL account and current account are given below:

  • A copy of the memorandum and articles of association
  • A certified true copy of the specific Board Resolution
  • A list of authorised signatories with specimen signatures verified by the bankers
  • A debit authority for the current account
  • An agreement to be signed with the bank

Click here for a Constituent SGL Facilities to apply for a Constituent SGL Facilities.