At Axis Bank we provide escrow services to domestic and foreign customers for cash and share/securities. We provide tailor made solutions to suit complex structures and transactions and ensure interest of all parties to the escrow.We cater escrow services for:

M&A(Domestic & FEMA related)

Project Finance & Lease Rental Discounting

Fintechs & Payout Business

Share Escrow & Indemnity Escrow

Sale & Purchase Transactions

Trust & Retention Account


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgHighly experienced professionals to assist in structuring deals/arrangements in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • imgDedicated teams for transaction management and support.
  • imgThe availability of a standard agreement to facilitate a fast and efficient closing of arrangement.
  • imgSimplified documentation and fast track account opening .
  • imgDigital solutions-Account Opening & Transactions
  • imgAutomated and Systematic transaction management & record keeping
  • imgCentralised escrow operations with no manual intervention

Fee &

Fee & Charges

Please reach out to nearest branch/RMs for pricing


Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

  •  All extant KYC guidelines applicable for opening current accounts
  • Escrow agreement

Value Added

Value Added Service

  • Transaction enablement through digital platform.
  • The Digital platform enables seamless execution of transactions through Axis Bank comprehensive payment channels platforms Paypro and Power access.
  • Digital account opening
  • API based payment solutions through ePower escrows
  • Complete Handholding on FEMA compliances & Regulatory Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

A special account for managing the funds wherein the transactions in the account are governed by the agreement signed between the various parties in the arrangement.

Escrows provide safe and secure mode of routing cash flows for all the parties.

Transactions in the account are done as per terms mentioned in the escrow agreement and agreed between the parties.

Axis Bank offers digital platforms (PAYPRO and POWERACESS) for transactions from Escrow accounts.

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