NPCI's Bharat BillPay is a one-stop recurring payment solution and enables end customers to make anytime, anywhere payments.

Agent Institutions are entities who allow end customers to make payments. As an authorised Bharat BillPay Operating Unit, Axis Bank enables agent institutions to connect to the ecosystem and enable bill collections through their physical and/or digital touch points


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgExpand your business horizons by enabling seamless payments via Axis Bank's Bharat BillPay services
  • imgActivate payments to 20K+ billers across 20+ categories including electricity, mobile phone, landline, gas, DTH, cable, broadband, municipal taxes, water charges, insurance, loan EMI, Fastag, subscriptions, education, rentals, housing society maintenance and others
  • imgBenefit from a one-time, single integration to enable all current and future billers
  • imgLeverage your existing physical and/or digital infrastructure to offer payment services to your customers and earn higher returns through increased footfalls / clicks
  • imgSelect from multiple on-boarding and integration approaches to avail Axis Bank's Bharat BillPay solution
  • imgPartner with the Axis Bank and NPCI Bharat BillPay brands and activate additional revenue stream
  • imgBe assured of providing a consistent service experience to your customers by availing of Axis Bank's best-in-class, robust Bharat BillPay systems with optimised APIs
  • imgAvail of NPCI Bharat BillPay's centralised complaint management system to always assure superior customer service

How it works?

Becoming a BBPS Agent Institution through Axis Bank's BBPS services

Choose the Axis Bank BBPS Agent Institution integration solution that works best for you
Get on-boarded on NPCI's Bharat BillPay as an Agent Institution
Enable payments across all BBPS billers through your existing digital and/or physical touch points
Enable real-time payment confirmation for customers visiting your channels
Earn monthly revenue for all BBPS transactions through Axis Bank
Engage your customers via marketing campaigns to popularise your Bharat BillPay services

Fee &

Fee & Charges

  • Attractive revenue sharing model
  • Minimal on-boarding charges

Value Added

Value Added Service

  • One-view data dashboard


  • Payment gateway services


Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

Any entity that falls under NPCI's Bharat BillPay categories may be on-boarded

Please note that NPCI Bharat BillPay may seek additional (Documentation)


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Terms &

Terms & Conditions

All the entities, who have not received in-principle authorisation from Reserve Bank of India to act as a Bharat BillPay Operating Unit or who have not applied may be eligible to become an Agent Institution under the BBPS scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is a centralized bill payment system powered by the NPCI. It is an interoperable, integrated, online platform developed for bill payments through digital and physical platforms. It is efficient, cost effective and available 24*7.

BBPS has a wide reach of 70+ banks, 15+ payment apps and 4 lakh+ retail outlets. Any biller listed on BBPS can accept bill payments through any of these channels. Customers can pay their bills through various modes (such as IB, MB. UPI, credit & debit cards, cash) basis their convenience and choice.

Biller categories eligible under BBPS include Electricity, Telecom, Water, Municipal taxes, Gas, DTH, Housing societies, Educational institutions, Hospitals, etc.

Additionally the NPCI plans to open up more biller categories going ahead.

Any entity, other than a Bharat Bill Pay Operating Unit (BBPOU), that offers or wishes to offer bill payment service to its customer (through physical or digital channels) can be an Agent-Institution.

The entities have to do a single integration with a BBPOU and they get access to the entire range of billers listed on BBPS. This will be a revenue opportunity for agents and they will also see a rise in customer spends. As an NPCI-authorized Agent-Institution, the entity will be able to serve its customers with assurance.

Axis Bank is authorized as a Consumer BBPOU to on-board entities as Agent-Institutions under BBPS.

For an entity to become an Agent-Institution under BBPS, the entity will have to submit an “Agent-Institution Consent” Letter to a Consumer BBPOU and shall also adhere to technical standards placed by the NPCI.

Please "Click here". to apply. We are happy to help you with the requirements to become an Agent-Institution under BBPS.

An entity is eligible to become an Agent-Institution under BBPS if they have not received an in-principle authorization from RBI to act as a BBPOU or have not applied for the same.

Axis Bank is authorized as a Consumer BBPOU to on-board entities as Agent-Institutions under BBPS. Please click here to apply. We are happy to help you with the requirements to become an Agent-Institution under BBPS.

As per current NPCI guidelines, the following documentation shall be required: Business Address Authorization letter and license to carry on business Compliance of KYC (proof of registered / business address, active bank account details, PAN number)

Credibility check, credential verification and banker’s opinion report ITR for the last 2 years

Financial statements for at least the past 2 years / other credit verification / background check / CIBIL verification of promoters and directors. The Institution should not be a part of blacklist as and when introduced by Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU) or any other competent authority

The BBPS platform has been designed to enable digital payments. As an agent-institution, your entity shall be responsible for spreading awareness to go digital. You are required to create multiple touch points (both digital and physical) to ensure maximum reach, convenience and benefit to the end customer. You have to assist customers in registration, provide immediate payment confirmation and resolve complaints.

The Payment channels that the Agent-Institution can offer are: Digital Channels: Internet/Website, Internet banking, Mobile app, Mobile banking, POS,MPOS, ATM, KIOSK

Physical Channels: Agents, Bank-Branch, Business Correspondent The Agent-Institution must mandatorily offer bill payment via BBPS on all current channels where bill payment is offered


Agent-Institution will have to provide instant confirmation of bill payment to the customer in any of the below forms:

Payment confirmation (Digital)

Mobile based confirmation (SMS)

Physical receipt (print copy)

Email confirmation


Payment Failure can be of two types:

Instant failure - In such cases, amount will be refunded to the customer immediately and agent will be advised to re-initiate the transaction

Failure at the time of biller settlement - In a very rare scenario, if the transaction fails at the time of settlement, there would be two instances:

Biller will be advised mandatorily to accept payment and credit the customer account Amount will be refunded back to the customer


Customer Convenience Fee will be defined by the NPCI and the BBPS participants will have to adhere to the same at all times.


There is no net-worth requirement stipulated for an agent.


Yes. In addition to cash acceptance, agent-institutions will have to ensure that an electronic mode of payment is put in place at their physical outlets.


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On-boarding on NPCI's Bharat BillPay and availing the BBPS solution is subject to conditions laid down by NPCI Bharat BillPay Ltd. (NBBL)