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Isn’t it faster if I pay my mobile bills directly on the website of the Mobile provider?

3 minsNovember 7, 2017

The end of every month makes us jubilant and triumphant what with our accounts beaming with our hard-earned salaries in it! The spring in our step and the wind in our hair is only momentary though. Because then come the ominous due dates; Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill, Telephone bills, credit card payments, SIP Debit and additionally, the household help and driver’s salary. These ensure that our account balances are reduced to half. The payments keep mounting and to make matters worse, all the payments are to be made on separate websites. A separate one for Mobile bills, and a separate one for Electricity bills and so on. What if there was a single stop, a place where all your utility payments could be taken care of. You open the browser, go to a particular website and pay all your bills! This would be a Digital Utopia, wouldn’t it?

Well, Axis Bank has made all the provision to make its customers feel like royalty. Axis Bank gives you the facility to pay your bills without moving. You need not hop around from one website to the other to make payments. Just stop by at and all your utility needs are taken care of. From credit card bills to loan repayment to paying your taxes, is the place you want to be at if you wish to conveniently pay your monthly utility bills.

There used to be a time, when one had to stop by at the Network operator store, to drop a cheque or feed money to a kiosk to pay off the monthly bill. For gas bills, cheques had to be issued and for the electricity bill, one would have to stand in a rather long queue at the operator’s office premises. But not anymore, life has become simpler and much easier. It may be faster to pay your mobile bill on the website of the operator but that is not the only bill which you have to deal with every month. There are a bunch of bills and making payments at a single destination is a boon for all. Utility payments are always treated as a chore but with Digital banking at your side , you need not fret anymore.


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