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The opening of the Axis Bank Easy Access Salary Account requires fulfilment of certain eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, the application for Easy Access Salary Account can be made online or at your nearest Axis Bank branch. Make sure all your documents are in order for a hassle-free account opening process.
To be able to open an Easy Access Salary Account, you need to submit certain documents. Make sure you attach all the necessary documents, including ID and address proofs, with the application form. Here is the list of documents required.

Keep your documents ready

To open this account, the applicant must have introduction from the company in the Bank's format (Stamped and Signed by the authorized signatory). Employees with a net monthly salary credit of Rs. 10,000 to 25,000 per month will be eligible. The applicant must also provide the following:

The below documents are required for Primary, Joint Applicant and/or Joint Applicants. The below documents are most preferred, but for a full List of permissible Address and ID proof documents click here. for a full List of permissible Address and ID proof documents

  • Two latest passport size photographs

Documents Acceptable as Proof of Identity & Address (For Domestic Individual Savings Accounts) - Openings of Accounts/Address Change/Periodic Updation of KYC(Re-KYC)

Type of DocumentID ProofAddress Proof
Proof of Possession of Aadhaar numberYesYes
Driving LicenceYesYes
Voters ID Card(Issued by Election Commission of India)YesYes
Job Card by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the state Government YesYes
Letter issued by National Population Registry confirming details of Name, Address YesYes

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