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Axis Bank Home Loans

Super Saver Home Loans

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Loan Amount

Minimum - Rs. 50 Lakhs

Prepayment Charges


Interest Rate Applicable


Max Tenure

20 years for Fully disbursed case and 22 years for partly disbursed case

Features and Benefits

Unlike a standard home loan, Super Saver gives you an option to park additional funds which will reduce the interest obligation on your home loan to the extent of the funds parked, with the flexibility to withdraw them anytime.

To help you make the most out of your Super Saver account you will be issued with an ATM card, cheque book, internet and phone banking facility.

No, currently we offer this product only to Indian Residents.

Yes, it is mandatory to have a co-applicant. If someone is the co-owner of the property in question, it is necessary that he/she also be the co-applicant for the Home Loan. If you are the sole owner of the property, any member of your immediate family can be your co-applicant.

The loan amount should be minimum of Rs 50 Lakhs.

Where disbursement to be released in tranches (e.g. Under construction properties): Maximum Tenure of 22 years (up to 2 years moratorium + 20 years).

Where disbursement to be released in single tranche ( e.g. Ready for Possession/Resale etc.):Maximum Tenure of 20 years.

The cycle for interest & principal repayment is on the10th of every month

No, you will not be permitted to change your due date to any other date.

Interest calculations on the Super Saver account will be made on End of Day (EoD) drawing power set for your Super Saver account minus any additional funds parked in the account. This will lead to savings on the home loan equivalent to the funds parked.

For e.g.

You have availed of a loan of Rs. 100 Lacs and you have parked Rs. 2 lacs on an average in the Super Saver account.

The utilized drawing limit in this case will be Rs. 100 lacs minus Rs. 2 lacs i.e. Rs. 98 Lacs. Interest payable at the end of the repayment cycle will be calculated on Rs. 98 Lacs resulting in savings on interest payable on the loan.

Your home loan repayment has two parts 1) Principal 2) Interest.

Under Equated Principal Amortization, principal outstanding will reduce by an equal sum on each repayment cycle date. The reduction in principal amount will be arrived at by dividing the total loan amount by number of instalments over the period of the loan.

Under EMI based reduction, the sum of principal and interest component payable monthly on repayment cycle is equal during the entire loan tenure (assuming no excess funds are parked by you in your Super Saver account). Hence, principal component repayable monthly by you is as per the amortization schedule drawn at the beginning of the loan.

Interest component under both the limit reduction option will be calculated on the net utilized drawing power (i.e. drawing power set in the Super Saver account minus End of Day (EoD) balance of additional funds parked)

Click on the link for illustration

You have to ensure maintaining enough funds in your Super Saver account to repay the monthly principal and interest repayments. The principal and interest amount due shall be automatically adjusted from the excess funds parked by you in your Super Saver account.

You can deposit funds in your Super Saver account like in any regular bank account. You can transfer funds electronically or deposit a cheque into your account at the nearest Axis Bank Branch.

In order to optimise savings on your Super Saver Home Loan account you need to park short term excess funds available with you in this account. It is highly advisable that you make your Super Saver Home Loan account your primary/operative account and ensure that all excess funds at your disposal are parked in this account.

No, the interest benefits of the Super Saver account do not extend beyond the drawing limit. Any funds parked in the account over and above the drawing limit will not earn interest.

No, the benefit of interest savings on Super Saver account can be availed only if the excess funds are parked by you in your Super Saver account. As your Super Saver account has the features similar to a savings/current account, it is advisable that you use this account as your primary account to optimise your interest savings on Super Saver.

In case you have issued a cheque which is due for clearing on the repayment cycle due date, to avoid any inconvenience, please maintain a minimum/sufficient balance for total repayment (principal and interest) due and cheque amount to ensure that both the transactions are honoured

In the event of there not being enough balance in the Super Saver account for the repayment, the account will be charged penal interest in addition to other charges as detailed in the charges section.

No, ATM card cannot be used at merchant outlets.

You will need to submit request for part disbursement to the Bank along with following documents.

  • Disbursal Request Form (DRF) filled and signed
  • Demand letter from the builder (in original)

Loan sanctioned for under-construction property is usually disbursed in installments in line with the stage of construction and demand made by the builder. The first partial disbursement made is known as part disbursement, all disbursements made after the first part disbursement are known as subsequent disbursement.

You will need to make a request to the Bank for the part disbursement

You can submit the part disbursement requests using any of the following channels.

  • Contact our sales representative who has been liaising with you for your loan requirements
  • Visit any of the Loan Centre (preferably from where you have taken loan) to submit your request along with the required documents

The time taken by the Bank depends on the category in which your property falls. The Bank categorises any property into APF (Approved Project Facility) and Non APF. The time taken for processing by the Bank would be:

Category Time Taken
Property part of Approved Project Facility 3 Day
Property not part of Approved Project Facility 5 Day

We would however like to advise you to submit the disbursement request form as soon as the demand is raised by the builder.

You can check the list of Approved Projects on Axis Bank website under Home Loan page. For any clarification or more details call our phone banking number or write to us on

The Bank will intimate you by SMS on your registered mobile number as per bank's record. Alternately, you can call up the phone banking number or write to us on

Moratorium period of 24 months is extended in case the loan is disbursed partly. During this period no payments have to be made towards principal repayment. Only interest on the portion of the loan disbursed will need to be serviced by you.

From the 25th month onwards (i.e. post moratorium period) regular repayments including principal & interest will commence.

In case of part disbursement of loan for under construction property you only need to pay the interest for the loan amount actually disbursed. This monthly payment is referred to as Pre-EMI. Pre-EMI payments are due till the time the entire loan amount is not disbursed by the bank. Once the entire loan amount is disbursed or if the loan remains partly disbursed for 24 months from the date of first disbursal, whichever being earlier, loan repayment will commence as per schedule.

If the construction progress (as verified by the Bank) is not as per original plan, the Bank may disburse an amount lower than requested amount, or may not disburse at all.

AXIS Bank retains the right to disbursement(s) of loan basis internal checks. Disbursement(s) is at the sole discretion of the Bank

Yes, you will be allowed to apply for a Top-Up loan however, the benefits of Super Saver will not be extended to the Top Up portion of the loan.

Top up facility will be opened as a different loan which will run concurrently with your Super Saver home loan. The repayment on your Top-up loan will have to be regular EMI payments as under a regular Home Loan

Yes, you will be allowed to move from a higher floating rate of interest to a lower floating rate of interest on payment of nominal fees/charges as decided by the Bank from time to time.

No, increase in monthly limit reduction is not allowed. However, parking the amount of prepayment you wish to make in the OD account will save interest on that sum. Additionally, this amount can be withdrawn as required providing flexibility at the same time. This makes parking the funds in your Super Saver account a superior option to prepayment of the loan.

No, you will not be allowed to reduce the monthly limit reduction amount.

No, there is no need to maintain minimum balance in the Super Saver account. However, it is highly recommended that you park all excess funds in this account as it will save interest charges.

You may apply for the same by submitting your application to your nearest Axis Bank loan center. The final interest certificate shall be mailed to your last known address once in a year by the Bank.

Axis Bank's PAN is AAACU2414K and its registered office address is Axis Bank Limited, TRISHUL, Third Floor, Opp. Samartheshwar Temple, Nr. Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad - 380 006

Yes. Existing Axis Bank home Loan can be switched to Super Saver provided Loan sanction amount is greater than or equal to Rs 1 Cr.

Before we process a foreclosure, all outstanding dues must be cleared. So we request you to first check for and clear any remaining amount that may be payable towards your Home Loan by requesting a foreclosure statement from your nearest AXIS Bank Loan Center.

Once all outstanding dues have been cleared, please submit a foreclosure request at the Loan Center along with cheque book & ATM card issued to you, and we will begin processing your request.

To check the charge applicable for the foreclosure, please click here

Once your loan account is closed, you may collect your property documents after 2 weeks from your nearest AXIS Bank loan center.

Yes. Total processing fees of 1% of the outstanding principal with a minimum of Rs. 10,000 plus GST as applicable will be charged. Upfront processing fee of Rs 2500 plus GST shall be collected at the time of application login. This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances such as loan rejection/withdrawal of the loan application etc., non disbursement of loan for the reasons solely attributable to the customer. Balance processing fee as applicable shall be collected at the time of loan disbursement.




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