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Earn points on transactions done through Axis Mobile / Internet Banking

Axis Mobile / Internet Banking

EDGE REWARDS program allows customer using Axis Bank Internet Banking / Axis Mobile to earn points on select transactions on a monthly basis. You can redeem your EDGE REWARD points for: 500+ products from our rewards catalogue and in-store shopping.

The new earn opportunities and eligibility criteria on using Axis Bank Internet Banking / Axis Mobile are effective from 5th October 2017.

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List of transactions where you can earn points

TransactionPoints to be EarnedLimit per financial year
i.e. April – March
Investment in a Fixed Deposit100 PointsMaximum 3 in a month
1st Bill Payment in a month50 Points


Maximum 3 Bill Payments in a month
2nd Bill Payment in the same month25 Points
3rd Bill Payment in the same month25 Points
Cheque book request20 PointsOnce a month

*Terms and conditions apply