Savings Account

Earn points for Savings Account transactions, and redeem them for 500+ options

Savings Account

EDGE REWARDS program allows all Savings Account customers to earn points on select transactions and by maintaining a minimum monthly balance of Rs. 25,000. The rewards points earned can be spent on over 500 exciting rewards spread across various categories.

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The new earn opportunities and eligibility criteria on Family Banking are effective 1st January 2015.

List of transactions where you can earn points

Transaction AMB between
` 25,000 to
` 1,00,000
AMB between
` 1,00,000 to
` 5,00,000
AMB greater than
` 1,00,000
Limit per financial year i.e. April – March
Monthly Credit Transactions Amounting to `50,000 or more 25 points 50 points 75 points Once a month
Electronic Clearance System Transactions (ECS)– Credit or Debit ECS Transactions 5 points 10 points 15 points Maximum 5 Transactions in a month
Standing Instructions(Credit or Debit) 5 points 10 points 15 points Maximum 5 Transactions in a month
Opening of Recurring Deposit Account for Rs. 2000 or more 100 points 200 points 300 points No Cap
Opening of Axis Direct Account 400 points 800 points 1200 points One Time

The above earn opportunities are not applicable to Corporate and Government Trust Accounts, no frills & Basic Savings Account.

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